Friday, November 28, 2008

Friday Pics: Art

And it's Friday again. How is everybody feeling today? Was it worth it? Of course it was. Before I get on with the pictures, I wanted to pass along some information to those of you who tweet with me. Yesterday I had a little message from Twitter:

Unexpected changes in our billing have forced us into a difficult situation with our Canadian SMS service. We can’t afford to support this service given our current arrangement with our providers (where costs have been doubling for the past several months.) As a result, effective today we are no longer delivering outbound SMS over our Canadian shortcode (21212).

The ability to update Twitter over SMS will still be supported over 21212. But we know that this is only part of the experience and we want to make Twitter work in the way folks want … regardless of where they live.

There is a realistic, scalable SMS solution for Canada (and the rest of the world.) We’re working on that and will post more details on the Twitter blog as we make progress.

What the hell does that mean, you ask? It means that if you respond to some random message I just posted from my cell phone and I don't answer you it's not because I hate you, it's because I didn't get it. Or that, much like American cell providers, Canadian cell providers are GREEDY BASTARDS!!!


Anyway, the pictures. My pictures turned out bad, but at this point I have movies to watch and can't be bothered to go redo them. I love this picture. A little house tethered to a balloon with cherry blossoms and a giant koi. What's not to love?

This looks like a small poster, but it's actually at least 6 feet tall. It's an advertisement for the Vancouver Opera and nicely filled out a gigantic wall space. And what says home like a giant picture of a homicidal Italian woman who eventually dives out a castle window and plunges to her death? O Scarpia, avanti a Dio!

Ellie from Me & You & Ellie. "Here's my favorite piece of art hanging in our house. A triptych by St. John (U.S.V.I.) artist Elaine Estern. Which we bought in a local gallery in Cruz Bay one year we were there. It hangs in my house in New London, CT, and makes me think about St. John every day."

Mary Anna from Random. "Here are some pics of my favorite art from around my house. Sorry the quality isn't great. I didn't use a flash because of the glass, and my house has a two-story family room with windows from the ceiling to the floor - there is no shortage of natural light, which is nice but it does cause some strange glares sometimes!

"The painting of the fall scene was done by my husband's grandmother. It hangs in our living room and makes me smile. Mitchell and I like to talk about what kinds of animals might live in those barns. Noah loves to look at it too."

"The clothes line of artwork is in the boys' playroom. We hung some twine on the wall and added a bunch of clothes pins. It's holding up all different art projects - including Noah's very first drawing and a pretty cool robot my hubby drew. I keep trying to encourage Mitchell to do more artwork so we can switch it out, but he gets all upset if he thinks I'm taking something down!"

"The fruit and vegetable prints hang in our breakfast area. We bought them at an antiques market years ago for next to nothing then spent several hundred dollars to have them framed! At our old house, they hung side by side down the long wall in our kitchen, which I loved. When we moved into this house, there wasn't a perfect spot for them, so we tiled them on the wall. (Excuse the motion detector for the alarm system in the upper corner of the photo. I absolutely hate seeing that thing but the alarm people said it had to go there!)"

Middle Aged Woman from Unmitigated. "In an effort to stave off writing tomorrow’s post, I have decided to overwhelm you by sending NEXT Friday’s material THIS Friday. And some text. The black-and-white scratchboard portrait was of and by my son. With it he won a Scholastic Art & Writing Award last spring. It was on display for awhile in a juried art show at the Center for Creative Studies in Detroit. The gorgeous photo is one I found on cog’s website Driving the Flies. I have not yet had the funds to have it properly matted and framed. Isn’t it amazing?"

From Sherry at Sherendipity. "This is part of my antique Chef Menu chalkboard that I got for Xmas last year. He hangs in my kitchen. He's big and bold, and old and I loves him."

Participation seems to be waning for Friday pics so I'm not sure if I'm going to keep it up or not. Maybe it just needs a rest.


  1. I didn't know about the Friday pics! I swear! Dammit, I am SO behind!

    Question: Why is there a little house hanging from the balloon? An outhouse maybe?

    MAW:I like the picture of the unfinished (or is that disintegrating?) house, too.

    I seem to be fixating on houses. Must be the yippy little architect that still exists in me..

    That chef thingie creeps me out a little, though. Brrr!

  2. Yes, I have laxed but if you continue, I will jump in now that NappyBlowMe is jsut about over.

  3. I have so totally laxed but I will participate!! I promise!! Oh yeah THIRD!!! WOO HOO!!!!

  4. Of course it takes a day after a major holiday for me to be on the top 5!

  5. I have the
    for this post
    it is on my computer in Chicago and I am in Ohio with my laptop but trust me it's great.

    God, I suck at this Friday picture thing.

    Did you like Tropic Thunder?

  6. Dude, don't stop doing pictures, it was just crazy down here last week. Crazy. I will TOTALLY send you a picture for next Friday.

    These are all great! I love MAW's son's self-portrait.


  7. I can TOTALLY identify with homicidal women. Oh, wait. Did I say that out loud?

  8. My art work is all packed. Keep it up... we'll all get back on track. Whatever you do, don't send the Storm Troopers after us!

  9. How do I keep missing the Friday stuff? It must be the dain bramage. One of these days I'll join in. The new header pic is fantastic.

  10. So totally stalking you right now because honestly, i have nothing better to do since it is a ghost town in my office but my boss thinks we will do business today - yeah, he gets to go play gol and I sit and rot here in hell!! am I complaining? is it bothering you? I'm sorry!

  11. Stalking you again!! Because I can't get you on Twitter! LOL And no, I am not going to sell appliances because even if there were people coming in here that wouldn't work because 1. I'm not a salesperson, just the bokkeeper and 2. we don't sell appliances, we sell kitchen cabinets ala Home Depot & Lowes but more "upscale" and 3. I would so totally ratehr run up their long dstance bill and fall asleep on my desk instead oh and based on my last Twiiter post to you - I am so totally holding my breath on you renting Tropic Thunder because I like you too much!

  12. One of these days I will have a picture to submit...I know. I am a slacker.

  13. Ah damn! I wanted to send in some of Sprite's artwork! I had a good one too! I told Cameron he should have a Turkey Day do over, how about an artwork do over? (Please?)

  14. I'm just fascinated by your new header. LOVE it!! Now, can you buy me a new damn camera so I can get in on the action? please?? Okay, well then, just give me a glass of wine. I'll be happy.

  15. Thank God you posted this. I was sure you hated me.

    I love Friday pics, even if I am a total loser and never participate. I have the best of intentions, I just lack any type of organizational talent.

  16. i wanted to participate in this one, but i forgot to take the pics. doh!

  17. In my turkey induced coma, I neglected to get you my art! Bummer. I'll post it at my site next week. Shoot! Yeah, I just said "shoot".

  18. Also, what? No Friday pics? What are you doing to me? That is the only reason I read this blog!!!! Lift your skirt and get with it!!!! Sorry, I shall email you a proper apology.

  19. This was my damn idea and I totally blew getting one in to you. I'm sending you one anyway.


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