Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wordless (lazy) Wednesday

Remember those geese from the other day? When I missed being pooed on by 20,000 birds?

Fucking geese. Nailed the ENTIRE van.

Not sure what this means. I suspect some type of secret code.

And apparently this was the best way to watch a band at the pumpkin patch yesterday.

Maybe I should have titled it "Not Many Words Wednesday?"


  1. And yes, cake is a lie. Ever since they left the cake out in the rain..

  2. I always watch concerts like that. Makes it more interesting.

    Those geese were all, "That's the guy that was filming us the other day and posting us on his blog to the general ridicule of the internet. Get his effing VAN!!!!"

    Also, 6th, but technically 2nd, since S.K. took the whole top 5. ;)

  3. The cake is a lie...never have words been more true.

    Boy, somebody's a big top 5 cheater, geez.

  4. What's wrong with that last picture? I thought that WAS the way to watch a band.

    You mean I've been doing it wrong all these years? Maybe next time I should be sober.

  5. so, technically, I round out the top 5.. since sprite's keeper totally cheated.

    my daughter LOVEs the upside down, head between the legs stance..

    hm.. should that worry me??

  6. k Jen over achieving today? LOL!!

    That is so totally the way to listen to a and Captain!! Didn't you remember doing that when you were a kid?

    Oh and as for the van - you get geese, we get bugs!!! Yuck!!

  7. Wow, your van really took a beating. Get the pressure washer out for that one.
    The cake is a lie? It should be the new HASAY slogan.
    Love the upside down band listening. Maybe that's the next generation's version of head banging?

  8. Poo in the van it a riot and in general, I love the hag-pag photo collection.
    Wordless Wednesday..... I may have to try that.... I will give you full credit of course.

  9. Damn dirty lying cake -
    Damn ass craping Geese -

    Wickedly cute kids -

  10. Fucking Geese.
    One followed me all the way down to Oklahoma just so he could bite me when I tried to feed him a biscuit.
    fucking geese.

  11. You were poo-bombed! They were upset with your lie about the cake.

  12. The 'Cake' is most ceatainly Not a lie.

    Unless it's Fruitcake.

    That is some Untrustworthy shit.

    Charlatan Cake.

  13. WHAT THE HELL!? I thought everybody had decided to hate me today. My email hasn't sent me a single update. Frakin' Yahoo.

    Sigh. I heart you all. HASAY, please feel free to use the "cake" in a newsletter or something.

    Off to ass kick Yahoo.

  14. The cake is a lie? It's obvious that there's a spy in your household.

  15. Ok first, Jen? Top 5? I think that might be cheating a bit. (Yes, coming from the girl who stalked Jenbo so much with her contest she had no choice but to send her a STALKER shirt!)- And yes, Captain- I wear it 24/7!! :)

    Why do you think it's odd that he's upside down watching the show? That's the only "cool" way to watch!!

  16. You know, some people have to drive to work. Otherwise, I would have totally bogarted the top five. BOGARTED.

    Awesome pics! And for the record, the pie is a lie too.

  17. That just goes to show you... you can't trust baked goods.

  18. I'm proud to roll in somewhere in the 20's today..this is a tough crowd!

    The Cake is totally a big, fat, hairy liar bc it old me I wouldn't gain weight from eating it. The wine in my house also lies to me like that on a frequent basis.

    Also? The best way to watch anything is upside down, hanging your butt in the air, like ya just don't care... :)

  19. The Cake is a lie eh? What about pie. I like pie.

  20. The cake is the truth.

    The truth will set you free.

    Especially double chocolate fudge.

  21. oh my God that made me laugh. The shit on the car, after the GEESE picture was CLASSIC!! And don't you just love little kids asses? they are adorable.

  22. What the what? I am late. I am lame. Look at Sprite's Keeper go. She trolled your top five. Awesome. The geese? They hate you. Don't worry though, aren't they flying south for the winter. Maybe they just left you an "eff you" on their way out of town? Perhaps? No.

    I'm sending my pumpkin pictures tonight.

  23. FIRST! Oh, snap. This is still yesterday's post, huh? Well, a girl can dream can't she?

  24. "Not many words" is working for you, Cptn. I must follow your example. One of these days. If I can ever shut up.


  25. Dang it! Dang those geese! SK is a nerd, isn't she? :-)

  26. One Tecate please....with Lime!!

    Happy Halloween!!

    - Jennifer


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