Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Money Shot

Any vacation you take, regardless of how many photographs you take, there's always at least one keeper, one that makes up for the thousand other terrible ones. Here's mine.

We had a great weekend in Seattle and once I've sufficiently recovered I'll tell you all about it. I think I've picked up some type of genetically enhanced bio-weapon virus that simultaneously attacks either end of my spine. Or maybe it's just having my children jump off couches and chairs onto my back too often? Nah, I'm going to stick to the weaponized virus. Sounds cooler.

Only two regrets from the weekend. One, I had a chance to meet Tracy from Kaply, Inc in person but it didn't happen. Exhaustion and a terrible events coordinator (who has since been fired) screwed things up. Oh, and the virus. Two, I wanted to get a big Obama/Biden sign for my front yard. It's election day here in Canadaland and I wanted to show my opinion of the fine choices I have to lead my country. Oh well, somebody would have just stolen it anyway. I'll just stick some names in a hat and let the kids pick one. (Joking) (maybe. It's not a bad idea...)

A great big thank you to Jennifer for posting for me yesterday. Next time you're in Starbucks, buy yourself a pumpkin spice latte and pretend it's from me.


  1. That picture it priceless!!! My nephew has given me that weaponized spinal virus too. It will go away in 3-5 years. No worries.
    Good luck with the voting in Candadaland!

  2. Great picture. I don't know what seems to be impressing him more, being at the famous Market Square, or the fact that the white Chrysler is about to slam right into the UPS Truck! Watch out! The guy in the Chrysler works for FedEx! It's a set up!

  3. Hope you're not contagious. If so, step away from the keyboard...


  4. Love the picture. It is totally a keeper.
    Don't send that bio -virus south!!! It will mutate with what is down here and turn into total nastiness.
    I think a picture of the Obama flag in a Canadian yard would be priceless. I still think you should get one. I know folks volunteering for the campaign and could probably hook you up!

  5. I love the picture, please squish his cheeks for me and tell him it's from Sam. He's adorable.

  6. Great picture-
    Question - did you go to the fish place where they throw the fish around???

    Hope you are feeling better soon.

  7. YOU PASSED UP A CHANCE TO MEET THE KAPLY? If you had t*ts I would so come punch you in them. Tracy promises this if you cross her.

    Did you watch the men throw fish? Did you get a picture taken by the pig? Jen's post was off the hook! Welcome back!

  8. That picture is way too cute!!! Oh he is adorable!

  9. Hey, I hope you had fun in Seattle. Sorry I missed you. Let me know next time you're planning on coming down, I can give you some special tours of the city, like the fabulous under-the-viaduct walk-through, or the view from pier 55.5. ;)

  10. You're always telling me to go get myself a coffee. One of these days I'm gonna send you a bill for all these lattes.

    I haven't put an Obama sign up in our yard because I know that it will either be a) stolen or b) we'll get egged and TP'd.

    Great pic, hope you had a great trip and hope you feel better soon. Let your kids walk on your back. It's a known cure for a virus at both ends of the spine.

    Also, I think your mom may have grounded me. :)

  11. With a face like that, you could take a picture anywhere that would make up for anything.

  12. No mention of a visit to the Jimi Hendrix Museum.

  13. I love it when they throw fish. It just makes me so happy.

    Plus I was VERY BUSY washing my hair this weekend.

  14. deemarie-thanks, 3-5 years. Great.

    sprite-he definitely would have been impressed with a crash, he was getting a little bored of walking.

    ellie-too late, the contagion is already in your country! Head for the hills!

    colepack-see above. And thanks for the offer. I just got a poster in the mail from Texas today. Too bad I hadn't thought of this sooner. Then again, another one would be cool...

    sammanthia-consider them squished

    jamie-that pic is where they throw the fish. We've already seen it before and sadly they had too many people there actually BUYING the fish to be able to throw them.

    JBG-I emailed Tracy and grovelled and was forgiven. Next time.

    krystal-his cuteness factor has gotten out of control. I'll have to post some pics of the REAL Liam.

    goodfather-I didn't know you lived there! Just as well or I'd have had to send an ass kissing email to you as well. Next time.

    bc-if you didn't live so far away I'd come buy you some. Or you could come here. We have really good coffee. It's the proximity to Seattle.

    heinous-sadly he has already figured that out.

    ciii-unfortunately the boys would not have been as impressed as dad.

    tracy-once again I'm sorry we didn't get the chance to meet up. Next time I won't be a poster child for the CDC.

  15. Don't you bring your freak Americaneese illness back to my Country, Mister!!!

  16. Shh! I'm pretty sure I took it down there with me.

  17. That photo is adorable. The expression on your son's face is hilarious. What a cutie!

    I'm sorry to hear about the virus. I hear there's no cure...oh, wait, wrong virus. That's the blogitis allthetimeitis. No cure for that one, but you're gonna be fine.


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