Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Mommy, Your Job Sucks

Somebody has been having a rough week.


We miss you!


  1. "but thank you for Bringin' home th Bacon..."

    I snotted a little bit out my nose. Thanks for that.

  2. I hate blogger. It just ate my comment.

  3. I just wanna SQUEEZE 'em to my expansive bosom and PINCH their little cheeks til they scream. They're SO CUTE! You can totally send Connor (and Liam) down this way.

  4. Aw. Does Mommy hate her job too? Bringing home the bacon reminds me of that perfume commercial from so long ago. Also, Liam may be on to we make money or does money make us? God, I hope it's us that makes the money. I don't like it when money makes people. They turn into douches.

    Your offspring are the cutest ever. Did you see Mama Dawg's offspring as well? Adorable.

  5. Shhh ... can't watch video ... baby's sleeping ... no noise ... he may awaken ... screaming ...

    I'll pop by later to watch. Sounds like it will be very cute! In the meantime, just wanted to say that I LOVE your banner!

    (Found you through Steenky Bee, btw ... just in case I didn't say so before.)

  6. ciii-I'm glad to have caused that

    md-I'm sure they would enjoy that VERY much. I mean, going to visit you...

    jbg-Liam's pretty deep for 3. I did see LOML and I can't wait to see our little hockey playing Southern accented grandchildren.

    trish-thanks for coming by. The banner is from the boy's auntie, she's got mad skilz.

  7. Can I just steal then for like 48 hours? I promise to return them. They might even like Missouri, well nevermind, no they won't but that is so besides the point. Too cute!

  8. Oh Kat, be careful what you ask for.

  9. "And I love you toooo camera..."

    So freaking cute.

    Love the banner!

  10. love the new banner, love the kids, ahh! too much cuteness!!!

    my kids can sympathise (sp?) with them because they say my job sucks too and that they would rather have mommy home than daddy.

    yeah, after lastnight, I think daddy would prefer that as well!

    again, way too cute!!! too bad they are too young for my oldest daughter and it seems they have all been pre-arranged for my second daughter is out of luck!!

  11. Baby awoke. So I got to watch it. Soooooo cute!!

  12. what colour is the sky in your

  13. Camera says to tell you it is a mutual love.

  14. ha ha "love you toooo cam raaa" very cute. i'm thinking the camera loves them right back :)

  15. It looks like SIL worked her magic on your blog too! Awesomeness.

  16. Not only is that hilarious, but also totally sweet.

    Thanks for stopping by!


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