Saturday, August 9, 2008

So begins our anniversary weekend eat-a-thon. Today we will be commencing with dim sum with the family, grocery shopping and the possibility of a movie for mommy and daddy. We're playing it by ear. 

Yesterday the stupendously awesome Middle Aged Woman gave me a Kick Ass Blogger award. Unfortunately there's something wrong with the site this morning so I can't add it here yet. I'll do it Monday when there's more traffic and I can gloat to a wider audience. In the mean time I will distract you with pretty pictures.

Yes, it's raining here, but it gives me an opportunity to share THIS!

WTF? you ask? It's water on wood. Yes, that's right. But it is water beading on top of the wood that I painstakingly sanded and painted. Beading. Not being absorbed like a sponge and rotting my expensive sun deck. Looking at that sun deck this morning I can see that my sanding was not quite as thorough as I thought it would be so if you ever come by just smile when I tell you it was built entirely of reclaimed wood. That seems to be the vogue in home renos these days so I look good and cover up my shoddy workmanship at the same time.

Last night the Olympics began and if you didn't watch the opening ceremonies you SO MISSED OUT. I feel sorry for all the future Olympic organizers who have to try and compete with that, because they can't. Zhang Yi Mou, 15,000 performers, $380 million dollar budget and a talent pool of 1.5 billion. Although really, all they needed was that gigantic 500 foot LCD screen that rolled out like a scroll and had people dancing on top of it. If I ever win the lottery I'm putting a lazy boy in my front yard then buying the other side of my street so I can knock down all their houses to put up that mo' fo.'



  1. Love your deck. We weatherproofed our deck at the beginning of the summer, and it's great, except the water just SITS there, like yours, and we stomp through it on the way in, and trash the kitchen floor. Every single time. Thankfully The Mistah is a mopping machine.

    So, I'm here to tell you that my co-bloggers and I have a weekend 3-way every weekend, where you can experience each of our scintillating and erudite personalities in the same post. I KNOW! Don't tell me -- weekends just got a whole lot better for you.

    Happy Anniversary.

  2. You soooo didn't even have to caption the picture of the water beading on the wood. I did a little inhald gasp when I saw it partly out of jealousy and partly out of shame. We had a deck and I can say that the water never beaded up like that. We now have a concrete patio. (Water STILL doesn't bead up)

    And I only have seen clips from the opening ceremonies, but we have them recorded on two televisions. Seriously, I go kind of anal during the Olympics and can't miss anything. The opening ceremonies looked beautiful inlcuding the glimpse I got of the giant scroll.

    However, right now I'm watching mens beach volleyball and I think Rogers and Dalhausser might give that giant scroll a run for it's money in the beautiful category. I'll notify you when Misty May straps on her bikini for your viewing pleasure. But seriously, notify the Supreme Leader about Rogers. He's heaven.

  3. That was some head exploding goodness, indeed. And dim sum? I LOVE IT.

  4. When I win the lottery I'm going to hire a bunch of people to stand in my yard with boxes over their heads and bounce up and down to simulate water drops. It will be awesome.

  5. Ellie: Maybe I should get one of those big squeegies on the end of a broom handle.

    jenboglass: It rains here, A LOT! So as lazy as I am, it had to be done. It will be nice to finally be able to use our deck now that we've lived here almost 5 years.

    Sorry about Rogers and Dalhausser. I told Supreme Leader about it, she is withholding comment. You did NOT notify me about Misty May but I did catch her match against the Japanese (and why were the Japanese so brown? They are very pale people. Was it a full body leotard or something? NBC barely showed them) and the Brazil/Mexico match. I need a tv that changes channels faster. Oh, and I think Dalhausser might look a little better with hair.

    Tracy: Can't go wrong with dim sum. My youngest actually managed to use his chopsticks properly. Upside down, but whatever.

    Brandi: that is very bizarre, but I like it. Are you referring to the guys in boxes at the opening ceremonies or is this just something you pulled out of your head?


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