Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Storm Trooper 1: What did you think of the red ones?
Storm Trooper 2: I liked them, but when would you ever wear them?
Storm Trooper 1: If my transfer goes through to the Imperial Guards they would totally work with the new uniform.
Storm Trooper 2: Want to go back and get them?
Storm Trooper 1: Let's look around some more, I'll think about it.


  1. I'm guessing they are shopping for shoes? As a female, that's where my mind automatically goes. I used to dress up as a Storm Trooper with my cousin when I was little. HE always wanted to be Princess Leah. Go figure.

    Thanks for the kind words and the Peter Cetera flashback to my days at high school dances.

    I have so many more comments for your blog, but I have to go back and check my notes. Seriously. I wrote down the ones I laughed out loud at and will comment later. You have a beautiful family and it seems like you have so much fun.

  2. This one rivals the X-wing fighter pilot pic for best-captioned. How do you know the language of women so well? Are you a secret fan of the romance novel???

  3. I was actually thinking shoes when I wrote this. Not a big fan of romance novels, but I do get misty at a good chick flick. I've been working in an entirely female office for the past 3 or so years and it's... changed me.

    No, not that big of a change! I can tell you the difference between a goucho and a capri, recognize a sling back and appreciate a good moisturizer though. ; )

  4. Dude. In defense of your manhood, you should only 'fess up to knowing about the moisturizer. Just sayin'.

  5. Thanks Tracy, I knew I dropped them somewhere. I think my slow brutalizing by an office of woman needs to be documented, maybe in September when I'm unemployed I slide away from metrosexuality back into a cave man state.


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