Sunday, June 17, 2007

A lazy Sunday morning blog about nothing

Well, lazy for me. Bern is busy making chicken wings for this afternoon's Father's Day/Connor's Birthday celebration. Whatever, it's Father's Day, I'm entitled to sit on my ass and do nothing. It's expected, I think. Anyway, nice work, hon, can't wait to eat those later. The boys are busy playing with their new Spider Man camera's which apparently are the greatest things ever. EVER. We're talking Hope diamond/Arc of the Covanent/Moon landing greatest things ever.

New paragraph. Not because I've thought of something new, but because since I finished the last sentence I've had to put a new tray of chicken wings in the oven, stop Liam from throwing a plastic bowling ball at his brother and explain to Connor that he is twice as big and twice as old as his brother and can simply take back the toy that Liam supposedly stole and hid from him even though I know perfectly well Liam has not even seen the said toy today. Run on sentence, possibly, but again, it's Father's Day and I feel no need to recognize the requirements of sentence structure or basic punctuation. In short, bite me.

I'm trying to eat better these days but my usual breakfast of Activa and Tony's Turbo or Vector cereal just wasn't calling to me. Actually, chocolate birthday cake was calling to me, but the boys were already up and that wouldn't be setting a good example. Sure I could have hid in the bathroom and wolfed it down, but the door doesn't lock and I'd have to hold it shut with one foot and the whole thing just wouldn't fit into my lazy Sunday mode. I opted for Eggo's instead. Hmm, might have to opt for a couple more too since the first two don't seem to have filled the gap. I do have a large eat-fest for the rest of the day, but the rest of the day seems a long way off right now.

See the plant beside my coffee cup? That's the Thai basil Bern got yesterday from Art Knapp's. Site of yesterday's....
I just helped Liam up into the chair beside me. He found a cup somewhere and filled it with water from the cooler. Now he's gulping it down and choking. I patted his back and asked him if he was ok. He said, "Yesh... fine." Oh, and now he's back with more. And more coughing. Don't worry buddy, the motor skills will come with time. Anyway, I planted the basil in a pot which is right beside me and it smells really nice. That was my accomplishment for yesterday. Wait! No, I put a lawn mower together yesterday. How could I forget? I decided to give up on the push mower. It's great for the environment and all, but since we only get one day of sun a month the grass grows far too high for the push mower to get through. Then I end up having to pay the kid next door $15 bucks to do it with his gas mower. Kinda self defeating. Anyway, I now own a Gardenia rechargable lawn mower. I was originally looking to get a Black and Decker or some other brand name one since I didn't want to take my chances forking out the big bucks on something from a company I'd never even heard of. Not that I hadn't heard of Gardenia, I'd just never seen this particular one. Then I found out Gardenia is German. Well, hell. Anything from the people who brought us Mercedes-Benz, Porsche's and the Wehrmacht, you know it's going to work well and for a very long time. The blades are so sharp I cut myself just looking at them. And best of all, the instructions were not written by anyone Swedish! (Ikea)

Ok, I've rambled enough. It's a lazy Sunday but we still have to get the kids out of the house and get the grocery shopping done. And nobody is going to shave my head for me this morning. Hmm, unless I can get Bern to do it for me...

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