Saturday, June 16, 2007

Head trauma and chocolate icing

So sad. You just want to kiss it all away, don't you? Well, if the little dumb ass (I mean that in the most loving way possible) had just climbed into his car seat like he was supposed to he wouldn't have fallen out of the back of the van while Mommy was opening the rear door. If he hadn't been running away from Daddy then Mommy would never have had to open the back up in the first place. We're not really sure where the head injury came from. It was either his head sliding down the rear door as it was lifting or an instant of contact with the Art Knapps parking lot as Mommy was catching him. Kudos to Mommy for a great catch too. Might have been a hospital visit without those lightening reflexes.

But as terrible as it all was, we came home and helped Mommy make Connor's birthday cake and all was forgotten. And by helping I mean eating chocolate icing out of a bowl so they'd stay out of Mommy's hair.

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