Thursday, May 21, 2009

HBSB: Mammoth Steak Again?

It's Thursday again, time for a little gender perspective. Head over to HBSB and see what's up.


  1. Over there now. I'm assuming that as a rule you don't want me to comment here too? I kinda feel obliged to, you know, just to let you know that I dropped by...

  2. Went over looking for the post about apple vs pc and it's not there! What happened with that?

  3. I don't have my reading glasses on. Does that say taking the guess work out of sex? Or sexes?

  4. I think you are radically underestimating your kitchen skills. That grilled cheese is a work of art.

  5. Cpt. Dumbass, you are not responsible for your cooking
    limitations. You were very kind
    not to mention that your kitchen
    deficiency was inherited. It's in
    your genes.
    Did memories of my spagehtti bring
    back deeply buried anxiety and

    Yes, Dpt. Dumbass's Mom is not a kitchen person. Even as adults,
    my kids would ask if we were "getting delivery" if they
    were coming over for dinner!

    (well that's what they would have liked to say). My cooking abilities rank right up there with
    my singing.
    Big Red on the other hand can cook up a mean Potato/Hamburger Casserole.
    We LOVE to visit Supreme Leaders
    kitchen cos her food is SOOO

  6. damn! I got all distracted by the uber long comment above me. Now i'm not sure what i was going to say....

  7. I just saw a ramdom tuesday post pop up here for a few seconds. Is that my reader misbehaving or did you just slip up?!


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