Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Random Tuesday: Love, Head Trauma And Fish


Random Tuesday Thoughts, or it's Tuesday, time to take out the trash. Whatever. Let's do it.

Last Saturday was Valentine's and it was as juicy and squishy as my bacon wrapped heart. Supreme Leader and I don't usually do anything for this particular holiday because she doesn't like it. Then she goes and gets me a gift.

If you can't tell by the picture, it's a Moleskine notebook, which was really cool since I've been looking for a notebook for awhile now but kinda gave up on it because I couldn't find one I liked. She even got it from a store that I was planning to go to before forgetting about it. Then she gave me this card.

It's such a pretty little card she didn't even write anything in it because it's so cute she figured anything she wrote in it would take away from it.

I am that lucky.

When I try to upload a picture and the "upload an image" window is hidden under my browser and I don't see it so I keep hitting the picture icon over and over again cursing my computer, Blogger, Google, everyone but my dumbass self... actually, there's no question to this.

My mom was down for the weekend so we were able to go out for dinner Saturday night too. During dinner we sat beside a table of three couples and their young daughters. One of the ladies shouted out "Spice up your cooch!" at one point. Classy.

What the hell was with everybody wishing people Happy VD in blog comments? Where I come from VD stands for venereal disease. Happy Chlamydia to you too! Here, I gift wrapped your penicillin.

Saturday morning I woke up to a broken coffee machine. I must be growing as a person or I've learned to control the effects of gamma radiation. I will admit to considering the murder of my neighbours for their coffee, but I never followed up with it. Anything that may or may not have happened Sunday had nothing to do with me. I have an alibi.

While reading an email from Jen at Blissfully Caffeinated in which we were discussing headaches, Gmail provided me with these helpful ads. I particularly enjoyed the last one.
Migraine Causes, Treatments & Migraine Symptoms.
Sinus Headache
Headache Symptoms & Treatments.
Which Thyroid Treatments Work? You'll Be "Shocked" What We Found!
Bandsaw Blades Any Size
Custom Welded To Length, Shipped Free Same Day, Order On-line

Just in case I decide to give up?

If I see something that's yellow and have to mention it in conversation I will always say orange, or vice versa. That doesn't make me crazy, does it? I'd like to think it's just a lifetime of violent blows to the head. No, not violence induced blows to the head, violent from falling off cars and bicycles, buildings, rocks or just falling over.

iPod ten. And because somebody asked, they're ten songs that played in a row at some point of listening during the last week. Today's are 10 songs that came up while I was grocery shopping with my father-in-law. There's no editing out the embarrassing ones, trying to add in something cool, no apologizing, it's just the first 10 that come up.

1. Doug & The Slugs - Who Knows How To Make Love Stay
2. The Police - Sally
3. ACDC - Who Made Who
4. INXS - The Loved Ones (from Kick, one of the first CD's I ever bought)
5. Bon Iver - For Emma
6. Sade - Couldn't Love You More (I had a mad crush on her back in the day)
7. Janiva Magness - You Were Never Mine
8. The Killers - All These Things
9. Lauren Hill - I Just Want You Around (Unplugged) (great ending)
10. Macy Gray - Sex-O-matic Venus Freak

Finally, thank you to everyone who voted for me in the He Said/She Said blog-o-rama. Petra has handed over the keys to the Sanctum Sanctorum and I've appropriately wet myself. What the hell was I thinking?

PS. The video rental was disc one, season one of Weeds. (AWESOME)

PPS. My fish is not dead!


  1. FIRST!

    Sorry I missed my chance to wish you a Happy VD day. Awesome notebook!

  2. Yeah VD is the same for me. All this "Happy VD" was making me ill....

    Glad to hear about your fish. I'm still insisting it was your best post ever. I loved it.

    Oh, and goodfather? Pipe down already...


  3. Well, Valentine's Day sometimes leads to VD Day, depending on how you celebrate. Supreme Leader did a good job with VD Day and that restaurant does sound classy.

    Weeds is awesome. Please don't saw your (or anyone else's unless it's a clown) head off, even if the migraine is that bad.

  4. "I gift wrapped your penecilin" *SNORT* I love that line!

    Also, we may need video proof that upside down fish isn't dead bc I'm not buying it...fish killer!

  5. I have a bloggy friend here who called it STD Day. LOL

  6. Nice notebook but as the lone vegetarian in the crowd I was worried it was made out of real moleskin. I checked, it's not. Big sigh of relief.

    "Gift wrapped your penicillin." That was too funny.

  7. I know as I am leaving this comment, I am opening myself up to several Happy VD comments. But, I never got a Happy VD comment and I am so glad because my shout of "What the HELL?!?" would have been heard around the bloggosphere.

  8. I prefer Merry Syphilis Day myself but to each his own.

    And I used to have a mole in my basement where I used to live, I didnt know you could make notebooks out of their skin damnit!!

    Happy Tuesday and Congrats again! : )

  9. Oh Captain, my Captain. You have yet to fail to make me laugh.

    I bow, once again, to your greatness.

    "Spice up your cooch for VD Day"...

    should be a bumper sticker.

  10. What a cute card :) and the fish? Still alive?
    Hope so :)

  11. Weeds is one of my fav shows. Love it!
    Like the journel as well.

  12. We need to change the name of Valentine's Day so people won't "accidentally" abbreviate it and give you the wrong idea. I say we rename it Sugary Thoughts Day to avoid the confusion.

  13. The upload thing? I do the same thing, especially with comments section on blogger. Like I just did trying to figure out why the hell I couldn't post a comment on the very thing I was going to bitch about.
    I always thought ghonorea (sp?) was a much more romantic disease than chlamydia.

  14. I'm not quite sure how I would react if my coffee maker broke. I know I could go out and get some, but we're at least 10 minutes to any coffee shop. I would fear for the other drivers on the road.

  15. *shaking her head in disbelief* You listen to ACDC??? even our brother who sported a mullet in the early 90's doesn't listen to ACDC.......
    by the way, I'll be bringing your kids Christmas presents up on Friday.

  16. So, when I saw your title? I totally added an extra comma in my head.. and it read 'Love, Head, Trauma and Fish'

    and, nothing says 'I love you' like gonorrhea..

    also? migraines totally inspire thoughts of bandsaw blades for me.. I guess I'm just logical like that.

  17. Spicing your cooch sounds a might painful.

  18. Did I make it a point to tell you awesome work on clobbering all of us at the "write off" It was embarrassing how bad you beat us into the ground. I didn't appreciate the personal email where you rubbed it in and gloated so fierce. It stole away from the illusion that you're such a great guy. Oh well, that's hardly worth mentioning. You won. Fair and square. So congrats. Now I guess I should go read this post. That's probably really good too.

  19. At first I thought SL had given you a day planner to, you know, motivate you to organize your day and stuff. But she really is classy and that's is an awesome gift.

    Did you notice that they will ship the bandsaw the same day just in case it's an urgent situation. Im just glad you did put the gun away. I was a bit worried.

    And yes, that does make you crazy.

    P.S. Sorry about your coffee maker. We're still using the little 4 cup job because I can't decide on a new one. Which makes *me* crazy.

  20. I have 3 seasons of Weeds on DVD, let me know if you need to borrow ;) BTW, a plane just totally shook my house again.

  21. Equal randomness:
    I LOVED INXS' "Kick"; in fact, I owned the tape! (old)
    So glad your fish is not dead. He wos jus' restin'?
    I love The Killers. But not as much as I love that blog award from IG that pictures a gorgeous sailboat.

  22. Awesome iPod 10! I am sensing a theme of sorts this week. :)
    You've included one of my forgotten favorite songs by the Police. (Who knew Sting actually has a sense of humor! That pompous ass...)
    "And so I sit her in the corner and sometimes stroke her hair/And when I'm feeling naughty I blow her up with air..."

  23. I have a sick little Moleskine obsession. My favorite ones have watercolor paper in them. Very cool.
    Congrats on the victory!

  24. now that is one fancy notebook mister!!!

    oh, yeah, stop by my site - you ahve been awarded!!!

  25. Wow what a wonderful woman you have. That is such an awesome card she gave you. You are LUCKY to have her!

    - Jennifer

  26. I read that as Mole Skin notebook and I thought, Cool! Then I read again.

    Happy late VD to you.

  27. "Spice up your cooch!" what...was she giving her advice???

  28. What's a cooch? Squeaky clean white girl from Utah wants to know.

  29. "Spice up your cooch"?? ...maybe someone gave her a Happy VD too??

    Doug & the Slugs. Love it. I miss that cranky fat bastard.

  30. Hilarious randomness, very enjoyable! ;) Congrats on the He Said/She Said blog-o-rama!

    Happy Random Tuesday! :)

  31. Aha. I wished my husband a a Happy VD and he whipped out a little gift for me. The drug rep had been in to the pharmacy with pens and note pads for some new antibiotic for curing those little drippy diseases.

    Who says romance is dead?

  32. totally voted for you even though I never received a bribe. You suck.

  33. Captain: Late as usual, I had a lot of running around to do. Having said that:

    I want whatever random topic generator it is that you have. It amazes me. Great stuff at a quantam level, you know? :)

    Bon Iver - For Emma: If it was possible for you to rise more in my estimation, you just did. Good stuff.

  34. Dumbass,

    Congrats on the He/She thing. I knew you had the momentum going in. You manage a nice balance between manly stuff, kid-humor and that sensitive goo the chicks are into. Well done and good luck.

  35. "Spice up your cooch!" is now what I will say to everyone who asks me a question. I'm off to update my facebook status now...

  36. Wow... I found this blog through Flux Capacitor and spent my entire day reading. Love, love, love. You can now count yourself among those that cause my poor performance reviews at work. Cheers!

  37. Sade is way cool....I'd like to be 1/1000th as cool as her.

  38. I hope you kept the card. You can give it back to her next year. Maybe you should write something though. Perhaps "I really wanna spice up your cooch!" or something like that.

  39. Congrats on winning Jim's spot on the He Blogs/She Blogs. Now, if you can keep your nose clean, maybe you'll be able to do it for awhile.

    That first season of Weeds is AMAZING.

    Your wife totally rocks; only really effing cool people buy their spouses Moleskine notebooks.... for valentine's day. *swoon*

  40. In about 15 mins there's a golden award for you in my sidebar...

  41. I didn't vote. You guys were all great and I would have felt guilty voting for just one person when I thought any one of you would have done a fabulous job. I didn't want want to show favortism. Like anyone cares.

  42. Isn't it funny to search for what basically amounts to "paper"?

    Yet I've done the same exact thing.

    Your wife's card is awesome.

  43. I'm so happy to hear that the fish is not dead.
    By the way.......am I an "us" or am I a "them" and is that gender confusion to have to ask :)

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  44. That's a sweet card. I have a relative who doesn't write in cards not because the cards are so perfect but because he lived through the Depression (the last one) and wants the receiver to be able to reuse (recard?) them. I'm not accusing your wife or anything!

  45. I have three seasons of "Weeds". I'm addicted, repulsed and utterly consumed by the panic that it brings about. I guess that's what makes them such good actors.

  46. Glad your fish is okay.

    Can I wish you a happy belated VD? Can you have belated VD? Never mind ... I really don't want to know.

    My 3-year old is proud of you for your musical selection. He loves Doug & The Slugs. "Who Knows How to Make Love Stay" is his favourite. We have video of him singing it into a pretend microphone (it's actually a play-doh barbershop hairdryer). He generally gets some of the words right, even!

  47. INXS Kick Tour... first rock concert I ever went to.

    Hope you had a happy VD!

  48. moleskin notebooks & weeds are too very cool things...how in the hell did someone like you get cool things like that? huh? lol jk moleskins are all my 21 yr old buys...he's such a snob when it comes to his writing. he's always the one that gets me into things...like weeds. now if the new season would just start :)

  49. awww your wife is sweet.
    my husband wrote a peom in my card that included the word Walmart. have you been to my blog in the past couple of days.


    and then it got worse.


Come on, sailor. I love you long time.