Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Random Tuesday And Grilled Cheese S*x

It's Random Tuesday Thoughts time. Not familiar? Go check out the Un-Mom, no time to explain. Hold on to something.

I went into Old Navy a few weeks back to get my youngest some new sweats. While there I thought I'd get myself a pair too since I was getting tired of hearing Supreme Leader complain she could see my ass through my old pair. Complaining? If I had a web cam I could make a fortune off these glutes o'steel. Anyway, it was shortly after New Year's so the place was gutted. All they had was the ones that don't close off around the ankles. Not big with those since I figured they'd let in the cold. Shut up, I'm an old woman. Whatever. I got them and would gladly live in them for the rest of my days. And they were $10.

I cannot for the life of me tell the difference between my five year old's white socks and Supreme Leader's. She thinks I'm an idiot, but that's a given. She thinks this is very funny. Let's see how funny it is next year when he's taller than you.

We rented two movies this weekend, Max Payne and Babylon A.D. Both sucked. Max Payne had some cool Valkyries in it, but I didn't see the point. You could have taken all of that out of the movie and it still would have worked. I kept waiting to find out he was working for God or something and then it ended and I was all, what the hell? Babylon A.D. ended like they ran out of money and had to chop the script. It reminded me of how they ended Enterprise.

Writer: Um? How do we wrap up four seasons in two episodes?
Baby Eating Network Executive Bastard: Uh... fuck it, say the whole show was an autistic kid's dream.
Writer: That's been done, sir.
BENEB: Really? Ok, then it was all on the Holodeck. Bring in a couple of the old Next Generation actors. Ya, the fans'll love it.

Not that I'm bitter or hold a grudge.

IM'ing with Kat from 3Bedroom yesterday. We were talking about tattoos.

Kat:I love dragons
I thought about getting a tattoo of one, but
I think I am going to go for cherry blossoms instead
Me: cherry blossoms look amazing
Kat: I am doing it cause of the meaning, change and rebirth
it is kinda what my family does each time we move
Me: My dragon has been itching like hell with the change in temperature.
Me again, quickly: Hold on, that sounds bad.
Katherine: hehehe
Me: My dragon tattoo!
Katherine: that was kinda dirty

I taught the boys the 'pull my finger' joke this week. Guess you need to be a guy.

The Wise (Young) Mommy gave me an award last week (under the butterfly). It came with the usual pass it on to yadda yadda rules. It's not that I don't like the rules or the idea, I'm just very laz- busy with the boys and all. Plus, how do I only pick out X number of recipients? It's cruel. Instead, I present her with the grilled cheese porn I promised her.

According to Heinous Petra has some hybrid mixture of Ebola and Dengue Fever so maybe go give her some love. (Dear newer readers, if you enter 'grilled cheese' in the search blog bar up in the left hand corner, this may make a little more sense. Or reinforce why you're not coming back)

Speaking of Heinous, the other day he mentioned that Blogger will only let you follow 200 blogs. WTF? Which also reminded me that I have a blogroll and WHOA! am I ever behind on that! Seriously, if you've been kind enough to add me to yours and I haven't reciprocated, it's not because I'm a stuck up pretentious ass, I'm just dumb. Hence, Dumbass? Get it? Let me know and I'll throw you in. Unless I forget.

Alright, that's it.


  1. I HATE the sweats with the elastic around the ankles. I feel like they're choking my feet.

  2. I think that's the first time I've commented first on anyone's post...ever. Like in my whole life. Go me.

  3. Yay for Miss Grace.

    Why do the grilled cheese people look fuzzy?? Are they conducting penicillin experiments?

  4. You need to watch it when you mention your dragon around me.

  5. Comment on white socks - With 3 daughters wearing white school socks my mom sewed a thread of our colour (we were colour-coded)near the toes for easier sorting.

  6. Confusing the white socks is legal. But don't ever, EVER claim you can't tell the difference between your jeans and the Surpreme Leaders!

  7. Yeah I do that pretend-I'm-
    dumb thing all the time! Good one.
    I have a dragon tatoo too
    that was good...

  8. Is that Grilled Cheese Sex? Or Grilled Cheese Sox?


  9. Sweats, socks, grilled cheese...must be Tuesday! It has been said that any technology available will incorporate sex in some way at some point. And so it is with the lovely Internets. From grilled cheese porn to the Bunnies at Fawty, today is a target rich environment.

    Captain, thank you for capturing the state of mind today!

    (and a shout out to Vodka Mom for tipping me off to the bunnies!)

  10. I have been bugging Bear to make me grilled cheese men for ever. He won't do it. It makes me sad!

    Also, the whole not being able to tell who's socks are who's happens all the time with us. Of course, my feet are second smallest too.

  11. YIPPPEEEEE!!!! I got my grilled cheese porn! You have totally made my week, and all of a sudden I feel my soul lightening and I see a very bright light...I am either miraculously recovering from my plague or I am dying.

    I'll let you know later.

    Thank you so much for the shout out and the grilled cheese sex--you rock my world!

  12. J and I finally finished watching Max Payne.. it only took us like 3 sittings to get through the whole thing.. (I guess now we know where they really got the title..).. and then it ended and we were all 'asphincter???'

    Yeah, it was that bad..

    I said to the man.. "It would have made more sense if they'd killed him in the end.."

    anyway.. I'll have to hop on my other computer to see any pictures.. my techier-than-thou laptop is now apparently censoring out any and all inappropriate imagery from every blog I visit (it only shows the pictures it feels like showing.. and they are few and far between).. yeah.

    I'll shut up now.. too much coffee on an empty stomach.

  13. There is so much to comment on here, but I can't comment on everything, so I'm going to say this "Yes! What the heck was with Enterprise?!" Dang it! It was like you said: "Craaap. What do we do with the ending?" "I don't know. I just want to go home and sleep off this hangover...here's an idea. Let's go with hit."

    Aaaargh! I really liked that show too. What a diservice. I miss my Scott Bakula! A show is just not a show without some Scott, ya' know?
    Hey, I need my own blog or something to ramble about this stuff....hmmmm.... :-)

  14. run from blogger. run fast.
    wordpress + google reader = TEH awesome.

  15. You, sir, are the Seinfeld of blogging. I bow to you. I would go on and on here, but I'm suddenly remembering that you prefer elastic ankle sweats. That just oozes sex appeal. Luckily, with that elastic closure, none of that ooze will leak out.

  16. Oh. My God. Your grilled cheese porn just gave new meaning to "chewing the scenery". I am seriously offended. And hungry.

  17. Those grilled cheese dudes look moldy. Are they out of practice?

  18. Are you taking grilled cheese requests? How about Brad and Angelina and all their kids? Or one in my likeness? Obama? What about reinacting a Kill Bill scene? No, do a cheesy love scene. No pun intended...

  19. Elastic sweat pants. eeewwwww. Grill cheese porn. Love it! Can't wait to show the Marine grilled cheese porn.

  20. I can't get over the 200 blog limit. WTF is right!!

    And thanks for the tattoo reference - reminds me to get you the photo for Friday. I'll work on that.

  21. If you haven't heard Red Dragon Tattoo by Fountains of Wayne, you must got to YouTube now and find it.

    "Will you stop pretending
    I've never been born
    now I look a little more like
    that guy from Korn?"

    Here's a link to an acoustic version performed by Chris Collingwood and (Oscar winner)Adam Schlesinger, 50% of the band.


    BTW, I think your next tattoo needs to be a grilled cheese man.

  22. Is it wrong that I am kinda turned on by the grill-cheese porn?

  23. Do you ever check how people got to your page (with a tracker)?

    Someone out there is Google'ing "grilled cheese" and shaking their head in disbelief right about now.

  24. Haaa...I posted about how crappy Babylon AD was too today!!! It left me wondering...WTF!!! I just wasted 2 hours of my life for this shit???

  25. U and your siblings wouldn't even
    go to the grocery store with me when I wore sweats!
    Don't be a woosie, be creative,
    put some elastic bands around
    the bottom of your pants.
    I think it's time to take the big
    step away from cheese, althought,
    wait, with your imagination it might be safer to stay with the

  26. I'm not the only one who is a Dumbass (and Captain, that's a compliment!), I just realized that the 'S*x' in the title referred to 'Sex'....doh!

    Even after I commented earlier I was thinking it was 'Stix', like some sort of bizarro cheese snack.

    Perhaps I should go back to bed...

  27. With the BC and the Grilled Cheese, you are one x-rated blogger. lol. I hear you on Enterprise, and raise you one Firefly!

  28. Grilled cheese and porn, two of my favorite things in one sentence! Ha! Added you to my blogroll and would love to be on yours as well.

  29. Freak! Do you wear a wife beater with your tight ankle sweats????

  30. I am so disturbed... but in a good way... by those grilled cheese sandwiches.
    If I were there -- it would be a three way.
    I like it toasty. and buttery. and cheesy.
    Actually, at this point in my life, food turns me on even more than actual bodies do. So wrong. Yet so delicious.

  31. I'm loving the randomness today, it's EVERYWHERE!

    I have had problems with my socks and my two year old's before since the new ones I bought shrink down to nothing when you wash them. I'm sure you needed to know that.

    That sucks that you wasted all that time on two sucky movies. Half of the ones we've watched lately have had no ending either. I hate it. I want that time back.

  32. Dude if those were not some random thoughts I would actually have to worry about your sanity - wait, that was thrown out the window a long time ago!

  33. Whoah.....dude, not just grilled cheese sex, but grilled cheese ORAL sex....I think!

  34. Maybe it's just me, but I have never seen grilled cheese do that before. I mean, cheese people, get a room!

  35. LOL! YAY! Love the grilled cheese porn. Oh, and my husband can't tell the difference between my socks and Peanut's socks either...

  36. Grilled Cheese Porn. I smell a hit. Or hot cheese.

  37. We also watched Babylon A.D. this weekend. I had keep pausing the film and going "Um, okay, so let me recap that to make sure I understand." In the end, I had look up a spoiler to understand how she got pregnant, because I so wasn't buying the miracle thing, and somehow I totally missed the 'programmed to become pregnant' thing.

    But then again, maybe none of it made sense because I was too busy drooling over Vin. Oh ya, I admit it. He does it for me everytime. Sad but true.

  38. My husband is constantly confusing my clothes with those of our almost-10 year old son, and I can't decide if that is flattering, insulting, or a sign of extreme stupidity. I think he's really just trying to make me request that he not do laundry anymore. As IF. I will WEAR that boy's tiny boxers if necessary to keep the status quo.


  39. Er...those grilled things are X rated almost.

    How did you do with the duct tape? :)

  40. I'm all excited after that porn now. You should get some creme for that dragon...

  41. You're grilled cheese people gave me the willies. Wonder what that says about me? And I agree that they look fuzzy, hence the willies.

  42. Your day puts mine to shame. That food porn must have taken HOURS! :)

  43. I am in desperate need of a blogroll overhaul. Also, sweat pants.

  44. Elastic Ankle Sweats? NO.

    Grilled Cheese Porn? Hell. Yes.

    I found you through Cakelet, and will definitely come back for more porn (can you really have too much? wait... yes, yes you can).

  45. Sweat without elastic at the ankles is the only way to go. Also, fleese sweats are awesome.
    Anyhoo, love the cheese porn.
    I am behind as well in my blog roll. I am addicted to mob wars (plesae join my mob, you do not have to do a thing) and rob banks all the time now.

  46. I must not be nearly as loquacious as I pretend to be in chat rooms, because seriously, I wouldn't have as much to talk about in a week that you put in one post. It's freakin' smashing!!

    I love the un-elasticated sweats (hmmm elastic at the waist is fine) Usually, if I keep them looking nice, I can get away with wearing them to work on the weekends! YAY!


Come on, sailor. I love you long time.