Sunday, December 28, 2008

He Might Be Late, But He's Still Santa, Dammit

Just in case you were wondering, Blogger will not let you steal somebody's banner. Hmm, steal is such a negative word. Blogger will not let you borrow somebody's banner even for the purpose of writing a post about their blog. Better. The banner I was trying to "borrow" is from Irish Gumbo.

What does this picture have to do with Irish Gumbo? Nothing at all. It's something I was going to use for Christmas Day, kind of a peace on Earth (Hoth) and good will toward man (clones) thing, but it didn't work out. Kinda like this post. It was supposed to have a picture, so now it does.

This was also supposed to be a long, meandering, heart felt plug for Kevin's site, but it's not going to be. I'm tired, I'm not feeling well and I smell like I've been used to wipe up everything that's gone into a five year old's stomach and come back out the way it went in. Repeatedly. Oh wait. That's because I was. Besides, if I go on and on about how great his site is, how he has not only made me laugh out loud but cry as well, how you should even try some fiction he's been brave enough to post, well, you'll start to wonder if we're planning on picking out shower curtains. And not that Kevin isn't an attractive man, it's just not my team. And if it was? Have you seen that new ad for Dolce & Gabbana with Matthew McConaughey? Carumba. Caught Supreme Leader wiping drool off her chin a few times when that's come on. But as I said, not my team. On that note, my deepest appreciation to GQ for their January 2009 cover. Well done, well done.

Look, go to Irish Gumbo, put it in your reader for a week or two and give him a try. He'll grow on you like mold in the bathroom that you'll never get rid of. But in a good way.

Merry belated Christmas, Kevin.

*Guess I should have mentioned this was my late entry for Spin Cycle.


  1. A new ad with MM? I knew I was missing something by not having TV...

  2. That cover makes me feel better about approaching 40.

    IG is quite the treasure, though.

    Sorry about the little one not feeling well. I know what that's like all too well.

    Oh... and SECOND!

  3. I just recently had a taste of the Gumbo and it was absolutely delish.... Added him to my reader after just one post. Great recommendation!
    Hope the kiddo is feeling better soon.

  4. yeah, I'm hooked. He's damn good.

  5. Yeah, just had to watch the MM add and I agree with Supreme Leader, that due makes me feel warm and fuzzy.
    I recently found Irish Gumbo and I think he's swell. I also think your little man crush on him is swell too. Hope you guys are feeling better soon.

  6. I think you scored a Hatrick: Matthew, Jen and Irish Gumbo!
    (Jen is way hotter than Angelina. Brad is stupid. Straight women can judge other straight women and still be straight. It's in the rules.)

  7. I've got to go with Supreme Leader on this one. JR says he needs that issue of GQ. Right! Now!

    I'll go add IG to my reader.

    Sorry to hear that the boys are still sick. Hope they get well soon.

  8. I love his blog. I have this feeling like I will have "read him when" kind of when he's on Oprah talking about his first screenplay/book : ) Hope the little one feels better soon. I have 4 sickies at home ughh I feel your pain.

  9. I saw this cover. I was a little surprised. Didn't think Jen had it in her, but man, she rocks it. Just sayin.

  10. Those Lego guys are totally appropriate for ANY post. They just make you happy, you know?

    Stomach flu. I am SO SORRY. That sucks beyond sucky... Hope you're all feeling better.

  11. Sickies, 1st born now 2nd born,
    poor little guys and poor Mom and Dad. Hope they're both better soon.
    Matthew Mc-yes worth a drool or 2
    (yes no this isn't a pretty picture).
    Irish Gumbo, well worth tuning into.
    While your brother was here and we were reminiscing about things you
    all got away with without me knowing...ah learned a few more
    tasty tidbits. We've kind of crossed the line as to things I
    would have, laughed off, grounded
    you for life, pointed out that you took after your father to Oh my
    Nemesis for all 3 is that your
    children will become teenagers.
    I think I'll write a book with names and places and sell them
    to you all at very high price.
    Blackmail is such a bad word,
    hmmn...let's just call them an
    offer you (all of u) shouldn't
    refuse! lol just kidding (sort of)
    love u all.
    Hope you, Supreme Leader and the
    Dumbass' have a Happy and Healthy
    New Year.

  12. I shall go check on the Gumbo guy. If he's good enough for you, then I'm sure he'll be good enough for me. On another note, I mentioned to my husband that you were all snowed in and freaking out. I then told him that you better lift your skirt and buck up. You ARE hosting the WINTER Olympics after all.

  13. Ugh...there is nothing worse than being the one used to wipe up vomit with, is there? I hope everyone gets well soon!!!

    I will go check out IG...because I always do what you tell me to. :)

  14. I...uh...erk. Not often that I am at a loss for words. This was unexpected, and amazing, and probably the nicest thing anyone has said about me all year! Trust me, I've not had all that great of year!

    I have been a bit behind in my posting, etc. I'm visiting with family out of state, on a borrowed computer, on a dial-up connection (erg!) and with limited time, so please forgive me if I don't get all of you in a timely fashion. But I will; the mills of God grind slow, but grind they do...

    Wow. Thank you very, very much! I am honored and humbled.

    I salute you, O Captain my Captain!
    (but I don't want any flowers on those shower curtains, 'kay? (grin)

  15. I'll go check him out. You have great taste... even in curtains, I'm sure.
    Hope you're feeling better!!

  16. Vomit. So sorry.

    Jen. I'm tired of her nakedness. And yes, I'm just jealous.

    Off to get some gumbo.

  17. I was sent here by my dear friend, Michele, and boy -- am I ever glad she sent me. You rock like KISS, man.

    I love your writing style!


  18. Love the Star Wars photo! Just that alone made me laugh!

    Sorry you're smelling so so tired! Hope everything's settling down a bit.

    I will stop by Irish's blog....


    It does if you know how to get it. Theres his banner.

  20. Awwww hope you all are feeling better soon. I think you're tribute was very nice. Better late than never right?!

    I'm not a MM fan myself, but I wouldn't kick him out of bed on a Sunday
    More of a David Beckham woman myself. Did you see the Armani adds? Yum!

    GQ did a great job with Jennifer Aniston she looks amazing!

    Great Post!

  21. Great, IG liked your tribute! (Although I'm under the weather too, can viruses travel that far South?) No worries about lateness, you always get a pass with me! Linked!

  22. Just jumped over from IG. Nice shout out to him.
    So sorry you are dealing with pukey kids at Christmas. Hope everyone is feeling better soon.

  23. this is dakoda was that conner's
    idea lego man in the snow
    that's cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. I like me some Gumbo.

    Did you say 'Kevin'? I should have known.. good Irish boy and all.. My own brother's name is Kevin. ;)

    way to spin it. what an honour to be touted by the Captain! :)

  25. I adore IG.

    On another note...have you seen the commercial of Charlize Theron for J'Adore?

    Talk about drool inducing.

    If she played for the other team, I'd totally be her bat girl. For real. That commerical is HOT!

  26. Gumbo..... umm... may have to try it.
    Love the Matthew video and it I played for the other team, Jennifer is pretty dang hot. Or, maybe I am just looking at the 2 guys she is with....

  27. just have to say... the picture from the Hoth System...


  28. found your blog from IG, (i love his blog) Also appreciate the MM ad - thank you - and holy crap, jen looks awesome - had no idea how hot she was. Jen and Demi give us 40something broads something to shoot for. I look forward to catching up on your blog - hope your little one is better soon :-)

  29. But your banner is so great. I come here just to smell the Tim Horton's!


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