Thursday, November 6, 2008

Spin Cycle: Elections, Rocks and Internal Organs

This week's Spin, short and sweet again, but I'm working on something big.

From Obama's acceptance speech:

And I would not be standing here tonight without the unyielding support of my best friend for the last 16 years the rock of our family, the love of my life, the nation's next first lady Michelle Obama.

Me: You are the rock of this family, baby. You're my stone.

Supreme Leader: Like a kidney stone?

Me: Exactly.


  1. Bwaaaaaa haaaaa haaaaaaaaa!

    Or a millstone around your neck.


    I loved that speech BTW. And now my kids want a puppy.

  2. I liked the speech, and I'm pretty sure you were supposed to offer to 'rock' her world.

  3. Ha, that must be one Supreme kidney stone.

  4. That was funny

    The Supreme Leader is funny

  5. Ahhhh...this totally answers the question of exactly why she's the Supreme Leader.

    Lead on, sassy woman, lead on.

  6. Careful, you could get stoned for that remark. Doesn't Canada still have that punishment?
    Love your short and sweet stuff!

  7. Short and sweet and you still crack me up!! Supreme Leader's got some humor, but you better watch out, because I'm guessing she's got some spunk too!!

  8. Now that, my friend, is true love!

  9. Ahhhh! How sweet! But I don't think the Supreme Leader was buying it.

  10. Your little speach is more appropiate in my house :)

  11. haha. niiiice.
    sounds eerily like something you'd hear at my house...

  12. Your wife must love you very much to put up with you. She also seems to be on to you.

  13. You totally GET each other...that's love. Weird love, but love.

  14. One time, someone told me that I was sort of like a tumor. I just grew on them over time. Then I slapped him. Then I divorced him. Then I married his brother. Then at a Nicaraguan wedding a terrorist shot us and left all of us for dead. Wait, I think I'm confusing my life with an episode of Dynasty. Thanks for the 100!! I was thrilled and laughing all the way to work reading your comments. :) You rock. You rock especially hard when your inebriated.

  15. It doesn't get much more romantic than kidney stones.

  16.'s so wonderful to know where you stand.

  17. Isn't it Awfuly cold for sleeping Outside?

    Save those Gems for the Summer months.

  18. That is true love rught there, my friend. True love indeed.

  19. I meant, "right there."

    It sounded like I was using some obscure canadian colloquialism.

  20. I think Jen M. really DID mean "rught". I think it is a neo-liberal slam they use in Cali.

  21. kelley-you kind of lost me on the puppy

    maw-like I don't every day

    casey-Rock of Gibraltar

    jamie-she's getting too many fans

    md-see above

    sprite-yes, but we use snow balls

    deemarie-spunk, yes, you could call it that

    kat-We just scream Hallmark

    michelle-she's not so gullible anymore

    colepack & ali-your husbands are obviously good men

    khadra-don't you mean the other way around?

    tuesday-just about

    tattooed-you know it

    goodfather-totally blew juice out my nose when she said it

    steenk-I was having fun with that. I poured a glass of wine for SL but ended up drinking all of it while I was talking to her. Oops.

    jenni-what's more romantic that agonizing pain?

    heinous-I'm sure you know

    ciii-cold and wet

    bc-I'm sending you some snow

  22. I've HAD a kidney stone, Captain. You'll need to pick another kind of stone if you want to send your lady a compliment. Just saying. And yes, I've got Obama's speech on TiVo and I've watched it about ten times.

  23. hehe You guys are hilarious.


Come on, sailor. I love you long time.