Saturday, November 15, 2008

Mid-November List

Mid-November good things:

1. Blogs that make me laugh out loud, really laugh out loud.
2. When the red cups come out at Starbucks.
3. Pumpkin Spice Latte.
4. Leaves.
5. Waking up to find one of the kids have joined you in the middle of the night. Warm, so warm.
6. Word verifications that can be turned into all sorts of bad things.
7. Getting the coffee, sugar & milk just right.
8. Flannel sheets
9. Dancing with abandon and making the boys laugh.
10. Really getting into a book and seeing you still have a bazillion pages left.
11. Mandarin oranges.
12. Lists. I love lists.
13. Convincing Supreme Leader that because we have so many American cyber-friends that we should have a second Thanksgiving this year in their honour.
14. Toques. (Those are woolen hats for my friends south of the border who might not know the correct term) (And I really need a new one this year but haven't been able to find anything decent. This shouldn't be so difficult here of all places)
15. Heavy wind & rain warnings from Environment Canada. I love the little red bar that shows up on the Weather Network.
16. The bubble gum smell of the kids bubble bath soap.
17. Hoodies. My new LL Bean with berber fleece lining. Hey LL Bean, why isn't there fleece lining in the sleeves? That silky-like liner is cold!

My model was a bit tempermental.


  1. Dude.. am i first???

  2. I WAS FIRST, and now second. be back in a sec...

  3. OK, third will be my last. So, I want to see a pic of the little red bear.
    LLBean is my fav and I love fall. Fav time of the year.

  4. dang, i was 4th, not 3rd

  5. I love the list and the model is adorable. Number one is great, I also like being the first to comment but hate it when someone (Carrie) beats me to it. Jerk. Her, not you. Captcha is great at making me chuckle too. Do you use the generic blue bubble bath? We have that one and I love the smell too. I think you should have a second Thanksgiving, bring SL and the kids to FL, we'll all meet up for some fixins.

  6. My Nov happy list

    My family
    Big Red offering puppy duty while
    I was at hospital with friend

    Friend and I were able to say
    good bye to each other

    New puppy taking over home
    Old dog still going after 21

    Eddie doggie not eating puppy

    Puppy chasing bird

    Our Morning Coffee with good friends starting day with laugh


    Reading the blogs

    Huge sale of sadly "out of business" Cold Water Creek Stores.

    Red Hatters

    knowing I'm one month closer to
    golf next season

    pictures of the grandkids always
    a major happiness

  7. I can send you a toque with a Fleur De Lys if you want, that should go over well in western Canada *snicker*... are you looking for one with a big pompom on it? Should it have the ears and strings like a balaclava so you can tie one on when the bad wind and snowstorms hit?

  8. I like Bob and Doug Mackenzie's 12 gifts for Christmas list.


    Wow, this NeoCitran really rocks.

  9. great list! i may have to steal...errr...i mean 'borrow' this idea.

    i absolutely HATE the nylon fake arse silk liners in jackets. i want to get warm. not cold. i love fuzzy insides. hehe

  10. Lists are good. And your model is supremely precious!

  11. Dude, thanks for the idea, I'm so gonna rip this off too.

    And LOL @ #13! Yes. Yes, you should.

  12. I'm totally considering having American Thanksgiving this year too. Even if it's just me. I miss it. :(

  13. October is really too early for Thanksgiving. And that is one prima donna you got for a model. Next thing you know, he's going to want green M&M's in his dressing room.

  14. Since you don't have captcha on your site, I went to mine... Miness. It's used when I am in my princess mode. It's all in my miness. Just thought I'd share. Great list!! :)

  15. Great post and I am totally stealing the idea - and will be posting my very own mid November wonderful list. (after I get the kids to bed)

    Excuse me while I google togue -
    I need a visual

  16. Me not so smart
    You have to spell it right when you google it

    TOQUES - Sassy hats
    Good to know

  17. Me not so smart
    You have to spell it right when you google it

    TOQUES - Sassy hats
    Good to know

  18. Sassy hat? What the hell is a sassy hat?

    Jodi, you can come over for dinner.

    Anndi, you send me a Fleur De Lys toque and I will wear it.


  19. If I address the package to:

    Captain Dumbass
    c/o the Richmond Zoo

    will Canada Post know that's you? How big IS your head exactly?

  20. Oh... and I'll want proof, eh!

  21. I LOVE hoodies. Think I'll marry one.

  22. Yes, definitely have a second Thanksgiving. At our house we have a Thanksgiving tradition of coughing into a bunch of blankets and then taking them to neighbors we want to move. Hey, just doing what our forefathers did. Actally, Jeremy has some Native American blood flowing through his veins, so he's always a little uneasy about spreading disease. Also, I thought you wrote "wooden" hats. Wooden shoes, I understand, but wooden hats? I just don't see the logic. Your model is adorable. I hope you paid him well, because, child labor laws and all. Another also, would you just look at all your female fans over here? You're like a slightly younger and much taller Tom Jones! I don't know quite what to make of Good Father's crush on you, but I will say it's well deserved!

  23. Dude, I got one of those hoodies from Eddie Bauer. Actually I got two, on account of the awesomeness.

    Everytime I hear the word TOQUE, I think of the Bob and Doug 12 days of Christmas song. *sigh* I loved Bob and Doug.

  24. Word verification is your friend. It's randomness has not worked in my favor this week though.

  25. Captcha- Fancy meaning of word verification. For real.

  26. I'm a list addict. And a note addict. I call and leave myself messages. Post sticky notes. And I still forget things.

  27. I will be participating in number 13!! Come on over!

  28. Well, the model in the foreground may have been umcooperative, but the model in the background? With the hoodie *on* her head? She's pretty great.


  29. Number 7, oh how I love #7!

    #10, and as an extension, loving a book, and looking in the front and realizing the author you didn't know has a bunch of other books!

  30. Great list! I love the red cups. It gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling. Much like flannel sheets. Except it's still too warm here still for flannel sheets.

    Your model is adorable.

  31. Number 10. Definitely.
    Bad list? Number 10, but for a book you just can't get into but HAVE to read. Torture.

  32. Your blog just became one that made me laugh out loud. He just looks so resigned to his fate.

  33. um, yes. yes. yes!!! to so many of those. especially the red cups! and the hoodies!

    also? tell us some of the laugh-out-loud blogs. i love them too!

  34. #10 is one of my all time favorite things.

  35. You are officially invited to my house for American Thanksgiving this year. But tell me quick if you're coming so I can break into someone's house who's gone on vacation in order for me to make it look like my own. I really need the break from living in the cave.


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