Monday, September 8, 2008

Mother Nature Bitch Slapped Me

Was it windy where you live yesterday? If so, I apologize. It was all due to the whirling vortex of pollen that was sucking North America dry and depositing its funnel of doom into my nose. From the east coast to the west, from Nunavut to Mexico, all of it ended up in my head.

To the makers of Benadryl, McNeil Healthcare-Pfizer, my allergies showed your product it's pimp hand and your product ran like a sissy. Thanks for nothing.

All in all, yesterday sucked. I'm still having issues adjusting to the whole stay-at-home-dad thing. Much like my young children, I need routine. I need structure. I should have thrown in the towel right from the start and just enjoyed Sunday for Sunday. Instead, I froze in the face of the mountainous beast of work that needs doing around the house. I wandered in a daze from room to room wondering where to start with two little sick boys dogging my heels and asking me questions in their snotty little voices and wondering when Supreme Leader would finally get pissed at me for not doing anything.

Once I finally took some advice to...

...things got better. Until we decided to take a walk to the playground. Then I started to feel a little stuffed up and figured I was catching whatever the kids have. Then Mother Nature hit me in the back with a folded chair. Cold took a back seat to allergies. But cold is back today, because cold is patient. Cold takes names.


  1. Brew up some tea with those Thai peppers.

  2. I have a head cold from hell myself. Right now going out back and getting shot sounds like a viable option.

  3. kat-I hear you gf, save me a bullet.

    maw-sounds like fun, but I don't think I need anymore help in that area. Unless I snort it and it burns out my nose...

  4. Back to school clothes? Check. Back to school haircuts? Check. Back to school colds? Check.

  5. two words: neti pot.
    Don't fear the pot.

  6. tuesday girl-I had to google that because I'd never heard of it. The first entry mentions 'nose bidet.' Thank you. So much.

  7. You must really be illin. You haven't posted today. Sorry for the sickness. That would make an awesome greeting card.

  8. Oh no. So sorry that you are sick.

    I am glad to see that you didn't die from a whiskey / bendaryl combo.

    Wishing you a speedy recovery!


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