Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Bet This Guy Doesn't Get Man-Cold

We take the kids out to the airport fairly often. They love watching the planes land and they get to run around and get some fresh air. Minus the jet exhaust, but you know what I mean. Every time we are there, and I mean EVERY time we're there we see this guy. We park on an access road that goes around the airport and down the length of the main runway. This guy is out there riding it all the time. And yes, he's sitting in a toilet on wheels. A toilet on wheels with flames painted on it. Obviously he doesn't have any legs since he's sitting in the bowl.

I've never spoken to him because he doesn't stop long enough for that, only long enough to turn around and head back the other way. Sorry the pictures suck, but I was hiding behind my van since I figured it would look a little creepy running out onto the road to take shots of a disabled guy. Instead I decided to be even creepier and clandestinely do it from behind my man-van.

So while I slump here, fever ridden and bleeding from every orifice, wondering why nobody loves me and wallowing in my own pity I know that as cold and windy as it is today, this guy is out there right now. And while I should take some kind of lesson from that I think I'll still keep being a whiny-bitch and annoy my wife, cause it's what I do.

Rock on, brother.

**Retraction-I must apologize to the makers of Benedryl whom I mocked yesterday. Turns out that whatever the pill was that I took, it wasn't an anti-histamine. It was too big to be birth control, didn't do squat for my headache... whatever, I'm still alive and pretty sure I'm not pregnant.

***Supreme Leader now has man-cold. And no, not stoic mother-cold, MAN-COLD. If you can't be 'em...


  1. I also feel weird taking pictures of random people, like they are going to come over to me and ask me just with the eff I think I'm doing.

    Hope you feel better!

  2. This post kind of upsets me. I mean, how come I haven't heard of this guy before. A flaming toilet? This isn't exactly the kind of post you wait two years in to post about. You drop this sucker early on in your blogging career. Also, I love the idea of you crouching behind of your man-van.

    Another also? A lot of things seem to be "man" centric lately. Man-cold, man-cold. Anything else?

  3. Men are incapable of just suffering in silence. Still, I hope your head has not imploded and that all are better now...

    re guy on screaming pottie, way to go guy, seize the day

  4. The man riding a flame emblazoned toilet has left me speechless.

  5. I laughed so hard at your retraction that I had to share it with "the man"

  6. I want one of those! Imagine the possibilities. I can already see me cruising around Disney World in that baby!

  7. Seriously I don’t think it’s a toilet. It looks almost exactly like what they use in the Para-Olympics for slalom skiing. The Dude will sit on a cradle like this and there is a ski mounted to the bottom of it. I think the dude just took one of those added a skateboard and motorized that bitch.

    Hopefully this link works for a pic of something similar:


  8. PRD-I can see the similarities, but this guy is riding a toilet. Guess I'll have to man-up and talk to the guy next time I see him.

  9. I anxiously await a followup post in which you let us know where we can buy one of these sweet rides.

    Thanks in advance!

  10. Dammit. Now I really have to go find toilet guy.


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