Monday, September 1, 2008

Celebrating Labour Day By Doing None

September! Glory Be and Hallelujah! The new tv season is upon us, it's like Christmas without the snow. Not that we get snow here at Christmas, but you know what I mean. And both the kids start school this month, kindergarten and pre-school, meaning both of them will be in bed before 8pm so as not to interfere with mom and dad's tv viewing. I mean... so they'll wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed and ready to absorb and learn. What? Don't judge me.

I had intended to jump into this post with a weigh in and some gobbledygook about (wow, I just pulled that out of my ass, so to speak, and spell check let it go?) how it's September first and how I'm going to change my diet and start exercising again and yadda yadda yadda, but when I got on the scale it said I only weigh 181 pounds. WTF? That's great Chad, but you're only 5'1. No I'm not, I'm 6'2. I thought I was WAY over that. Too hell with the new diet, I'm gonna fry me up a bacon double cheese burger on donuts for breakfast. And I've already had breakfast! Woot!

Ok, not really. I may be a lot lighter than I thought, but I know I'm not healthy by a long shot. So, it's September 1st and I AM going to change my diet and I AM going to start exercising again. I've got a lot of spare time for this now so I don't have any of my usual sad ass excuses. More about the spare time on... let's say Wednesday.

So what are you doing for your holiday Monday? Supreme Leader has to work today, sad I know, but she's making double time today so... miss you, hon! Kiss kiss! The boys and I will be doing... um... ya, about that much. Though I suppose somebody has to cut the wheat field out front and it wouldn't really be safe to have the boys do it. Although, if I combine their age they're like eight, and... what? Eight is too young?

We did the family thing yesterday and took the boys to their favourite place in the world, Vancouver International Airport.

I know the picture's a little dark but it still looks cool. And now, since wifey will be reading this at work and expecting it, SURE WISH I HAD A DIGITAL SLR CAUSE DAMN THIS PICTURE WOULD LOOK SO MUCH BETTER WITH A BETTER CAMERA. Joking, joking. There's a good reason why I can't have a digital SLR, it's about the size of my back. (Another future post) But it's become one of those marriage in-jokes, so I'm obliged. Speaking of SLR's, last week I thought I'd check out renting an SLR for a day just to try it and blah blah blah, who cares. It's just a lead in to ask if you've ever heard of a Hasselblad? If not, it's a camera. What kind of camera? The one at the shop I was looking at cost $650 a day to rent! It's a 39 megapixal. Thirty-nine!? I can't even imagine that. I think you can take close-ups of particles with 39 megapixals.

I know, I know, totally off the rails now. Whatever, this is my show. On a programming note, if my posts should suddenly disappear it's because I have thrown my computer through the patio window and into the back yard. In the last week it has started running like it's full of corn syrup and I don't know why. I'm thinking it all started when I hooked up the external hard drive but I'm not sure why that would be. I always think it's because I have a lot of pictures in iPhoto, but I have a nice fat hard drive and enough RAM to run the Space Shuttle so what gives? Any ideas? Help a brother out.


  1. I am just past the point in Duma Key where Wiremen mentions a Hasselblad. I'll bet Stephen King has one.

  2. Wait, what is it I was going to say? I have to keep going back and read your post, because there was so much in there. Good luck on your new fitness regime. I know from me, that sounds a little sarcastic. But, yeah, good luck. (okay, that last one WAS sarcastic) I'm doing the same. I had this in mind since July. Yeah, it's taken me that long to get going on it.

    Congrats on your domestic freedom. Supreme Leader will love coming home to a clean house with dinner waiting. I know she's far too nice to say that to you, so I'm just going to say it for her.

    Also, I feel like kind of a troll on your site. You know, I'll probably post another comment later. So, I guess I'm a friendly troll.

    Hasselblad? Sounds amazing, kind of like a German pastry.

    Also, I just started reading the second book in the twighlight series. Why tell you hear? I'm going to post about it some time and I want you to have your rebuttal ready.

  3. Trolls and Twilight, I've been hearing this a lot lately. Not sure what a troll is. Twilight, I'm guessing soft core vampire porn. Define clean? And dinner waiting? Does take-out count?

  4. 1, 2008 at 9:40 PM

    Um, I skipped the whole paragraph about camera stuff. Sorry.

    You know what? I wish we spelled favourite and labour like that. With the 'U'. That would be awesome. See, for us it's only Labor Day. And I do mean labor, because my husband worked and I did 45 loads of laundry.

    Twilight, ah, you had to mention Twilight, Jen. I have been all Twilight this and Twilight that lately. And no, it's not soft core Vampire porn. I wish.

    Wireman was the best part of that insanely long book. And I can't remember what the Hasselblad was. Maybe it was a pastry. That sounds right.

    Rambling now, must go visit Twilighter sites.

  5. What the? No idea why blogger posted my Open ID like that. Wierd.

  6. Bliss: don't worry about it, I've seen that on a few Blogger sites today. And while I talked big about not doing anything, reality slowly drove me insane and I had to start cleaning. Only did one load of laundry, but I also did a lot of housework. Sadly, it still doesn't look like I've done anything, but at least I know I've done something.

    God, what a pig sty!

    And insanely long? You should try Insomnia or the uncut edition of The Stand. Those things had WEIGHT.


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