Thursday, August 28, 2008

Steve The Chicken

Enough racism, how about a little girl and a chicken?

"One time I squished a chicken so hard that an egg fell out."

From Kevin German via bblinks


  1. Little Girls and Animals' Love Fests today, I guess.....:

  2. You know what? That's about the worst-sounding and worded sentence I ever did read.


    LOVE Steve.

  3. So, your last post left me a little misty-eyed, hopeful and a little upset. Then I see this. Now I'm just upset. Oh, and a little grossed out. Remember my chicken post? Yeah. It's like that.

  4. I forgot about the chicken. This one is supposed to make you smile.

  5. That was my Job growing up. I used to hate the damn Chicken Squeezing!
    Bad Karma has been taken over by the Golf Freak. I am not typing there anymore Dammit!!!!

  6. I once squeezed a chicken so hard it a diamond fell out... then it died... not worth it.


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