Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Squish Your Face Like You Squish My Heart

Connor: Dad? Seriously, WTF?
Dad: Because I can, my little monkey angel, and watch your mouth. Mostly because five years from when I took this picture, this is what you make my head feel like on a daily basis.
Connor: Just remember, I'm only five.
Dad: I know, honey. Even when I forget and I get mad at you, I always remember. And when I shower you with kisses before bed and explain just how much I love you, know that daddy's let his insecurities and need to be a better father eat away a little more of his soul but that the pain is worth it, because you are worth it. Daddy lives in constant fear of screwing you up, baby, but he's trying. And please understand that even though you make my face feel like that sometimes, most of the time I have to hold my chest to keep my heart from bursting with the joy you give me.
Connor: Ok, daddy. That took you a long time to type.
Dad: Yes it did.
Connor: You should go dry your face so you can shave and go to work now.
Dad: Thanks, hon, I will. And I'll try not to wake you when I sneak into your room for one last kiss before I go to work.


  1. My little one sometimes gets me feeling similarly, except with one of my eyes where my mouth is and my mouth down by my foot. It's a little more grotesque than cute but I only make faces like that out of love.

  2. Both my childrens have evoked emotions in me that I didn't know I would have until they arrived. I've never felt such joy and pain simultaneously. Well, except for the time when they cancelled 90210, but I was much younger then.

  3. It is amazing how kids will make you want to scream at them and kiss them at the same time. Last night KiKi took off on her "beep beep" down the street and I went running after her telling her to stop (which she totally ignored). When I finally reached her she was laughing her butt off because going fast on that toy was so much fun and watching mommy run was even more fun. I didn't know whether to laugh with her or put her in time out.

  4. daddies and their kids just KILL me. i love this post.

    ps. i LOVE that photo.

  5. Sigh.....that was beautiful.

    And you say that you wish you could have that kind of relationship with your kids that I have with mine.

    Knock, have it.


  6. Congratulations! You've made me cry tears of happiness for the second time this month.

  7. Sigh. You guys are sweet. Except for SDN, who's just a very nice Ninja.

  8. Okay, so I came back. This time to crash the nice party. I would have answered your comment on my site, but I thought it was important that I leave it here, for everyone to see. Yes. Corey Haim is Canadian. Don't pretend you don't know it either. Time to just fess up and no more playing coy. Accept responsibility for him. Also, I have met The Haim. If you look back for a post about cough syrup, you will see where I blogged about me feeling compassion for him in a drunken state induced by cough syrup and I recounted our meeting. Yuckers.

    Also- why do I have to keep typing in my identity here? I practically live at this site.

  9. Jen-I will talk to Blogger as you should definitely have a spare set of keys.

  10. Squish-a-baby, the newest carnival game. Very sweet.

  11. byou always were an amazing writer, but when you write from the heart, like this one, it is incredible.

  12. Sigh, I love dads.
    Not even just the hot ones, I love them all.


Come on, sailor. I love you long time.