Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Emails From Co-workers

Me: ...if a pregnant red head would get off the fax machine I could send you the first batch.
Co-worker: She's actually on the fax machine? Copying her butt, no doubt.
Me: I don't know, something about not being able to make it to her doctor's appointment. I don't want to know.
CW: Me neither. Those are things that are better left unsaid.


  1. We're all screwed down here if our neighbour to the North doesn't have proper health care. Canada's health care system has reached mythological proportions down here. Say it isn't so. Also, I here you can get pregnant by sitting on the copier. Wait, maybe it was you can catch something from sitting on the copier. I don't know.

  2. Don't believe everything you hear about our health care. It's great if you live in a big city where doctor's want to live. Not so great if you don't. I couldn't even imagine dealing with the health care system you have down there but ours is FAR from perfect. I saw a show about health care in Europe last year, they know how run things. I think the secret is to not let the gov't run it all by themselves since they'll inevitably fuck it up.


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