Saturday, August 2, 2008

Saturday Morning Birth Control

Liam: (crying, crawling into my lap as I'm reading Sleep Deprivation Ninja) Daddy! I want to watch Little Einstein's not Tiger and Pooh!
Me: Um...ok...(tv is not on) I'll go get it out of the van.
Liam: (tears magically gone) Yay!

Out to the carport in my boxers because it's 8am on Saturday morning and I'll only be out for a second so who's going to notice...

Neighbour: Morning Chad.
Me: (shit) Hey

Back inside, movie in, back to the computer.

Liam: (running across the kitchen and jumping in my lap) It's the WRONG one! I want the caterpillar one!
Me: (hunched over, face on table because he has jumped on a testicle crushing the possibility of a new brother or sister) ....gasp... cough... give daddy a moment...
Liam: Daddy, why are you crying?


  1. Oh dear, was it Gary, Gail or Matt?

  2. LOL. That's great. I'm glad my girl isn't big enough to provide me with such a service, yet...

  3. I stumbled across you via BHJ or SDN I can't remember which, but you are hilarious! I've been riveted for about 40 minutes and I still have more to read! Love the picture of the two Klingons. I'm just sitting here stuck in a histerical laughing fit just looking at it. I will be back. You can take that as a promise or a threat, whatever suits you best.

  4. jenboglass, you have made my afternoon. I'm feeling pretty lazy today and was just going to post a picture of something, but now... no, I'm still going to do that. Because I am still lazy. However, I am going to dedicate the post to you.


Come on, sailor. I love you long time.