Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tuesday Stuff

Some random Tuesday thoughts. From Monday. Whatever. Before going home last night I stopped by a nearby Apple store. I wanted to see the new keyboard because I'd read somebody else drooling over it earlier in the day. Kottke? Maybe not. Anyway, I wanted to see one and oh ya, silky sexy "elegant anodized aluminum enclosure." Right now we have a cheap one because apparently warranties do not cover smoothies, chocolate milk and spit. But... but it's so sexy. And I'm sure I could write better with one. Just like I could take better pictures of the kids if I had a better camera. Still working on that one.

Oh, I also saw a new 24" iMac. Why don't I have a better paying job? Oh wait, my company is giving me that opportunity.

When I did get home yesterday, after picking everybody up at the park, I got to wash Liam's hands off with a scrub brush because he decided it would be cool to play with other peoples warm gum. That was fun.

While cutting their spaghetti up into little people sized noodles (except for Liam's because he started to cry when I did and I had to empty his bowl out and start again) I noticed something on my thumb and tried to rub it off. It was red and wouldn't rub off. It wouldn't rub off because it was the inside of my thumb. Freakin' knives! We have these super cheap steak knives Bern picked up somewhere, or her dad got for us, whatever. Who picked up these damn things is irrelevant, what is relevant is their super-natural ability to cut through ANYTHING, but especially fingers. My fingers. Seriously, I could build a house with just one of these knives. After cutting all the timber down first.

And what the hell happened to my Ratatouille 3M band-aid? Remy totally disappeared. Cheap bastards. Now it's just an ugly looking band-aid.

Maybe I should be working.

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