Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Honey's & Hom's

Hom's, you ask? No, that's ok, you're not supposed to know what that is. It would probably make sense if you were 3 or 5 and reading this, but then, you wouldn't be reading this like you are now and that's why you don't understand.


Maybe I should start over. My children, like every one's children everywhere, have their own 'special' language. Things that only they understand. Things that will only make sense in the circle of your own immediate family. Right now, for Connor and Liam, that is honey's and hom's. Everyone in the world, real or fictional, can be divided into a honey or a hom. Honey is fairly self explanatory. They are honey's. Hom's are where things start getting complicated because hom's can be good or bad. I am a hom. Bernadette is a hom. Connor and Liam's cousins Michelle, Mikayla, Dakoda and Josh are all honey's. Wait, Josh (my step brother) is actually their uncle... forget it, long story. So you're probably thinking ah, children are honey's, adults are hom's. Simple. Oh no, nothing is that simple.

  1. Connor & Liam
  2. Dakoda & Mikayla
  3. Josh
  4. Michelle
  5. Grampa Gordo & Grampa Jerry
  6. Auntie Ann
  7. Auntie Melanie
  8. Uncle Aaron & Auntie Tracy
  9. Gary (next door neighbour)
  1. Mommy & Daddy
  2. Po Po & Gong Gong (grandma & grandpa)
  3. Auntie's Lucy, Billy & Dizzy
  4. Uncle's Philip & Thadeo
  5. Brandon
  6. Bad people, bad toys - planes, cars, etc
  7. Uncle Craig & Grandma Lynn
  8. You
  9. Everybody else

Special category: Nana - bunny (don't look at me)

For the most part, hom's are probably people who will discipline them for misbehaving and honey's aren't. For the most part. Or they're just crazy.
**email from home - "cherries with stems are honeys, cherries without stems are homs.....I think. It's ok to eat the homs."

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