Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sunday Morning Cannibalism

It still amazes me how fast you can switch from dead sleep to wide awake and ready to face anything the minute one of your children cries out in their sleep. Granted, some nights I'm stumbling down the hall like a zombie with a belly full of brains, but most times, like last night, instantly awake and ready to combat a night mare, leaking diaper or the forces of evil. Fire! Flood! Famine! Well, fire and flood anyway. Famine? That's a little tougher, but my little monkey's need to eat. We crash land in some remote area and there's no food? Watch your ass, cabron, cause I'll hack it off and eat in a heartbeat if I have to. Your heartbeat. And I'll eat your heart too if need be. I'm just sayin'...

Have a nice Sunday.

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