Sunday, May 4, 2008

Clear The Decks!

I use the Notes application in my iPod a lot and for all sorts of things. Lots of blog ideas go in there when I'm not around a computer. Unfortunately, many of them go stale on the shelf before they make it here. As do many of the images I find that sit around on my desk top patiently waiting for me to upload them. So, time for some spring cleaning. This will be disjointed and totally without theme. If you experience any dizziness, look away from the screen until the feeling passes.

But first... wait... there's a 3 year old asking for assistance with Super Mario...sorry, he needed a quick lesson on how to steer a giant manta ray. Kids. So, my one true accomplishment for the weekend was this:

Look at the precision! No, ignore the wall paper. IGNORE IT! Go to a happy place, a place that's not 1978. Look at the symmetry. If you knew the advanced mathematics, the super string/particle/chaos theory that went into getting those things in a straight line...

Anyway, off we go.

Bus: near panic, where's my phone? Where did this chemical-like dependency come from? A seat to myself!

Annoyed with my family's long standing assumptions that I'm the calm one that never loses his temper. If they only knew.

I handle all the decorating.

Soft pasgetti-you can't make it in your room.

Wish List:
New sofa and chairs-1969
Kitchen-don't even cook, but even I recognize this layout blows. When we're both in there I'm sure she wants to shove me out of the way just as much as I do. And add some expletives to boot.
New Paint
Digital SLR

Pixels- humans see 350 to 500, an eagle sees 1296!

A co-worker once told me I should hold my kids as much as I could because too soon they'll grow up and won't want to. He said it as a joke but I could tell he was serious. Serious and hurt. Connor weighs almost as much as his mommy, but I still pick him up whenever he wants me to.

You know that feeling when someone attractive of the opposite sex smiles at you? Smile at a stranger.

Spinal compression, Hancock.

Liam-booger, sneezes. Connor, achoo in his sleep.


Clean slate.

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