Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Holiday: Day 2 & 3

Day two was pretty good. Started it off with a bike ride that was not too long, but not too short either. Didn't hurt, much. Then it was back home to take Connor to pre-school but I was a little late and smelling much like a wet goat so I decided to drive Bern, Connor & Liam down to Steveston then come home to shower, eat and get a little work done before heading back out to pick everybody up. That was the plan anyway. I managed to have a shower, but while doing it I thought up an idea for a story so I wasted some time on the computer getting my ideas down before I forgot them. Then I found this article about a German photographer who'd created this work of interviews with terminally ill people with pictures before and after their deaths. Then I really needed to go find my little family for some quality time.

Shut up. Anyway, I caught up with Liam and Bern on their way to Starbucks. Liam had a kids hot chocolate. It looked a little like this:

Ya. Then it was back home to dig up a 4 x 11 foot swath of grass for a new flower bed. The boys helped by inspecting each and every worm I uncovered. By the time I was done I could barely stand up, so I'm putting that down as a productive day.

Today was pretty good too. Bern had to go to work so the boys and I spent the day doing manly things. Well, after we went to Ikea to return a picture frame and get some ice cream. The ice cream was very important. Connor had a tummy ache and the only thing that would make it feel better was Ikea ice cream. What else could we do? Then it was across the street to Home Depot to buy dirt and bricks. It would have been a longer visit but somebody's tummy ache was now demanding macaroni from White Spot.

Finally got home, dumped all the dirt in the flower bed and bordered some of it with the brick. Then we washed the car. THEN we made some headway on my surprise for Bernadette. Another productive day! Also got both the boys showered too. Ok, I had to do that since they were just dirt with eyes by that point. Whatever. Ended up being a little late picking up Bern because of traffic, but I did managed to teach the boys to say, "Punch it, Sparkles!"

And it's only Wednesday.

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