Saturday, February 2, 2008

Tooth Extraction: 5 - Why did I agree to do it?

I'm trying to remember why I thought it would be a good idea to remove the two wisdom teeth left on the left side. My face looks lopsided. My jaw is still aching from holding my mouth open for 1 and a half hours. That's right 1.5 frakkin hours. The dentist thought it would only take an hour, max. My teeth were a bit of a challenge. They couldn't even take all of the bottom tooth out. The top broke off (not a lovely sound, by the way), but the root decided it wanted to stay. They needed 3 x-rays to check the root. They had to break it in half. One half came out, a part of the other half came off, but they decided to leave the rest in. Most of the top tooth came out. There's quite a bit of blood, his assistant told me I might have a tummy ache from all the blood I swallowed. How lovely. He said he wished I had told him how difficult it was for the first two that came out over 10 years ago. Excuse me?! I guess he didn't hear me when I told him when we had the consultation that the first two posed "some" difficulties too, or maybe he wasn't really listening--kinda like how sometimes your husband hears you, but isn't really listening. I remember telling him that and asking him if it could be done in the office. He said sure, shouldn't be a problem. I wish you had told me?!!! F*@k! I decided to let it go, I was just glad the ordeal was over. They told me I would probably have "some" swelling and bruising from all the pulling, pushing and poking around.

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