Saturday, February 2, 2008

Tooth Extraction: 6 - Not for the faint of heart

When we got home, Bern asked me to help put a new piece of gauze on the missing teeth. She pulls the disgusting, blood soaked old one out and I start putting the new one in. Then I notice something hanging from her wound. We assume it's a piece of the old gauze that's just sticking there so we go upstairs to get some tweezers. My brain is already telling me something is wrong here but we soldier on anyway. Then I grab the "gauze." Good thing she was still frozen at that point. So not gauze. Instead it was a big giant piece of flesh hanging from the gaping wound. Bleh! I call the dentist and there like, oh ya, it was a really difficult extraction so the hole was a bit bigger than usual. A bit. Ya. Anyway, they said to keep the gauze in place and it should bind up in the wound by itself.

Anyway, our bedroom has been declared a 'no fly zone' so the boys and I are trying to keep quiet downstairs. I've made two types of Jello so far and am now wondering if PBJ is ok for a child's dinner. There's like... 3 food groups there, it must be.

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