Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Watched the second part of Terminator : The Sarah Connor Chronicles last night and decided its pretty good. Few too many sub stories (obsessed FBI agent, fiance from 1999, pre-Sky Net terminator, post-Sky Net terminator, Sarah's cancer, teen angst, I'm sure I missed a couple) but still pretty good. Only issue I had was at the end of the first episode when they jumped forward in time. If you know the Terminator series of movies you know that when you jump through time it's only your body that goes through, no weapons, no clothing, just you. Now lets back up to the no clothing bit. I don't care how good your relationship with your mother is, no 15 year old boy is going to be that non-chalant about being naked in front of his mom. Absolutely no 15 year old boy is going to be that comfortable being naked with his mother AND anyone who looks like this:

Yes he just jumped through time, yes he's just had 3 run-in's with a murderous robot and yes this girl is metal on the inside, but he's still a 15 year old boy. And in the show he doesn't even look at her! As a former 15 year old boy (and really, that never goes away), regardless of whether he just jumped 8 years into the future and into the middle of a busy highway, that kid would have only been looking at one thing and one thing only. But hey, it's fiction, right?

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