Sunday, January 27, 2008

Small But Deadly

Liam is in a stage right now where he is so horribly horribly cute it is almost sickening. He wakes up happy 99% of the time. He loves to cuddle. He hugs, and not just little hugs but squeezy hugs that make your eyes go a little misty. He's happy to give you a kiss whenever you ask. He smiles at everything and everyone.

Until he gets angry. Then he is evil incarnate. Have you ever heard the term "screams like a banshee?" If you want to know what a banshee actually sounds like, I can arrange it for you. This week he made a new addition to his apocalyptic repartee, here's an example from one of today's outbursts.

Liam: I'm going away forever!
Mommy: That's terrible, we'll miss you so much.
Daddy: We'll be very sad, but at least we'll still have Connor.
Liam: I'm very angry! I'm going to go away FOREVER!
Connor: Mommy and Daddy will still have Connor.
Mommy: Who will feed you?
Liam: Mommy and Daddy.
Mommy & Daddy: (trying to hide their laughter) Ok.
Connor: Mommy and Daddy will still have Connor.

He's still working out the details.

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