Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Wish List

Sure it costs $78 million dollars, but who wouldn't want their own personal luxury submarine.

At 65-meters (213 feet) in overall length, and with a beam in excess of 8 meters (26 feet), the Phoenix is a vehicle of formidable size. Yet despite its 1500-ton displacement, the submarine is quite streamlined. Given the significant waterplane area and ample internal volume, which allows for greater battery storage, the Phoenix will out-perform smaller counterparts in surface speed, submerged speed and submerged endurance. The large pressure hull diameter allows for very large acrylic viewports, making the undersea viewing capability truly extraordinary. The interior space, with the noted absence of structural bulkheads, provides for tremendous versatility in interior layout and space planning. And finally, the Phoenix's large size coupled with its integrated roll stabilization system makes surface transit quite comfortable in all but the worst conditions.

It can stay submerged for two weeks straight and even comes with its own mini-sub that can dive to 2000 feet (the Phoenix is only rated to a 1000) or shuttle passengers to the surface. It's so automated it only requires a crew of 4 to operate. The only thing it needs is a global crime syndicate.

US Submarines

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