Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Not something I generally do, unless I can get a laugh out of it, but...

When you think of happy people, of say, a whole country of happy people, a race, Filipinos gotta be up there in your top 5. In fact, just try making that list right now. All you can think of is Filipinos, right? Now I'm sure there are just as many asshole Flips out there as there are in any other ethnic group, but all in all, these are happy people.

How did my Starbucks get mean ones? These three are evil. I'm sorry Sparkles, did my coffee card have dog poo on it? Is that why you looked at it with such distain this morning? Sorry I interrupted your day by making you ring in my order.

And sorry Mr. Barrista. It's ok, I'll just walk around to your side of the counter to get my americano since it was obviously too much work to put it anywhere near me.

The only bright light is the tall blond guy who I'd totally pegged as gay until I saw his Kerri Russell look-a-like girlfriend. Kudos brother.

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