Saturday, June 9, 2007

Madre de Dios!

Sure it's all smiles and giggles in this shot, but what the image doesn't show you are the tracks of fat alligator tears down Liam's face. The snot on Mommy's sleeve because we didn't have any kleenex. How is it that shopping for a new pair of shoes is more traumatic than getting a needle at the doctor's office? What's the deal with that? The wailing and ululations could be heard across the mall. Probably from the parking lot. And why? Because Daddy changed Liam's pair of size 6 and a half shoes to size six to see how they fit. Not to a different pair of shoes or anything, but the exact same shoe. You'd have thought I'd taken his stuffed frog away and lit it on fire in front of him. He got his 6 1/2's back. Couldn't put him down to put them back on because of the emotional stress we'd put him through so he had to clutch them to his chest instead. Then it all started up again when the sales girl had to take them away to ring them in and remove the security tag. His attachment to these shoes is so deep he insisted on napping with them. He's the gift that keeps on giving.

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