Sunday, May 27, 2007

Test, and a request for help

DSC01348, originally uploaded by zoo.keeper.

Obviously this child is insane and rabid, but special in his own special way. I love my rabidly insane child to bits but have found the area of discipline to be a problem that is only getting worse. His older brother could be sent to time out with some stern words and the evil eye and he would dutifully cry and be remorseful. Liam does not care. Time out is a game. Probably because he's seen his brother sent there so many times he thinks it's something fun he wants to be a part of. Being sent up to his room and put in his crib is equally useless. This is just an opportunity to test the spring in his mattress. Or pull the sheets off. Corporal punishment is also ineffective. A smack in the ass is useless due to the absorbancy of his diaper. Even when he's doing something like kicking me while I'm changing his diaper and I can get some skin on skin, he doesn't care. He thinks it's a game! Argh! I'll take any suggestions, unless it's something ridiculous like maybe I should try talking to him. He's two. People that suggest this either do not have children or are developing future criminals. Throw me a bone. Anyone.

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  1. FIRST!

    I can't help because I have the same problem. Plus, this post is so old that you probably don't need the help now anyway.


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