Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Random Tuesday: Eff Off, Dorothy

I know how the Wicked Witch felt. The only way my house could get hotter is if it were on fire and that might not be so bad since the fire would probably get rid of some of the humidity.

Oh ya.


Is there anyone who deserves death more than DJ's who go on and on about how great the weather is when it's unbearably hot out? I'm sure it is great in your air conditioned studio, bastard. Personally, I'm watching blisters form on my skin and wouldn't mind some snow.

Sorry, had to get that out. On with the show.


I must have this clock. Sadly, it's only a prototype. (I think the dashboards on Nissan Maxima's used to do this.)


Pretty, right? It's a drawing. In ball point pen. You can see the rest of them here, but it's NSFW.

Burn you little dummy pants, burn.

Don't judge me. The Un-Mom would laugh at this too. And if she denies it, ask her about Hugh Jackman and unicorns farting rainbows.

Clock from BB-Blog Pen drawing from One Plus Infinity.


  1. Is there anyone who deserves death more than DJ's who go on and on about how great the weather is when it's unbearably hot out? "

    you are rad and made me laugh

  2. Those drawings are AMAZING!

    I am boycotting summer next year.

  3. Well, all I can say is, thank God Tuesday is nearly over for you...

  4. Humidity does put an edge on everything, yes? No wonder I've been mean to my husband. Bastard didn't close the shower door. Typically, I don't care. This week, I do.

    Speaking of DJs... have you ever met any? Most of them don't look at all like they sound.

  5. I am blown away by those drawings!

  6. I can't believe those drawings were ballpoint pen! Absolutely stunning.

    I think Honda had those clocks too!

  7. I love the drawing and the clock rocks. It's hot as you know here as well. My mil believes the ac should be set to 78. Melting....

    I can't click the video cause the kids and said mil are in the room (Can I fereaking move already?!)
    But I'll back to see that one later. If Keely will laugh (and her farting randoms thing was pretty funny) than I must see this.

  8. Is there anyone who deserves death more?


    Gum droppers.
    Pavement cyclists.
    People that wait in a queue for minutes, but only start searching for their wallet/purse when they are being served.
    People that take longer than 20 seconds at an ATM.

    *pauses to look back over the list*

    I'm a miserable sod aren't I? But I did lose most of last night's sleep due to the baby being a total monster.

  9. If DJ's had more than 2 neurons they'd get a real job.

  10. The chick by the fire, I want her outfit. wait.. I want to look like that chick does in that outfit and I want the outfit to boot. Yeah. That'll do.

  11. Just keep telling yourself DJ's make -.12 cents per hour. So they are naked in that booth.

    That drawing is amazing.

  12. The drawing is awesome.

    And I want that clock too!!

  13. Humidity? what's your percentage, bro? You better say at least 90% or Ima smack yo weenie ass down!

    I'm near baltimore: we gots the humidity. Although in all fairness, this summer hasn't been that bad. okay, carry on, then!

    And Tron? Bro, you brought back some memories, whew....

  14. Tron: can't wait, but hope I won't be disappointed.

    The clock - cool, but hell no - not for me - I break too many of them as it is.

    And the pen drawing, I didn't know there was such a thing as professional doodling while talking on the phone.

  15. Thats a PEN DRAWING? Cool clock!

  16. I feel your pain... it's hot as blazes here too.

  17. Come on down to Florida. I challenge your humidity! There is a guest room here if you want, but you have to bring SL and the boys. No exceptions!

  18. I watched the Tron clip. The motor cycle riding reminded me of the line rider game that my boys play online. You can make lots of crazy lines and curves for a motorcycle to ride on like a nutty roller coaster. It's a free game that your boys might love too.


    There is a linky for the random thoughts day. If you like the linky kinda thing at the unmoms site


    I am just full of unwanted advice today!!! I'll go shower now.

  19. Pack up your s-t and come visit the Northeast. It may not exactly be cool here but you can stand in the pouring rain all day and chill out a little.
    PS- I did a blog post with "eff you" in the title and got CRA-ZAY traffic for a few days. Watch your counter and let me know how it works out for you. People are strange, I tell you.

  20. that art is phenomenal! I LOVE it.

  21. I hate the heat and I live in bloomin' Florida! Love the drawings -- amazing. And, the video -- thanks for the laugh!

  22. So what you're trying to say is that your hot?

    Those pen drawings are amazing!

  23. Ok, the fake dog is creeping me out. Sorry it's so effing hot... isn't it not supposed to be too hot where you're at?! It's between 90 and 100 degrees here, but dry as hell. Lack of humidity makes it bearable (I think). Did you ever get that beer? Maybe some vodka? Please tell me you did!

  24. I hate DJs myself - it sucks to hear them talk about their aweseome weather - satelite radio sux - i mena the djs on the satelite radio suck.

    And don't start on humidity - you can't compete withour humidity - so i'm with Irish on this one - it better be 90% in your woods

  25. Yesterday it was 106 here. Today it will be 107. It's supposed to cool down to a crisp 98 by Sunday. The sad thing is, we're all looking forward to it.

  26. I love that video! I snorted coffee all over my keyboard!
    Wow on those drawings!
    Came across you from the UnMom.

  27. you think it's hot down there?
    you're right, but we have the
    intense heat and fires coming
    at us from all sides.
    Yesterday afternoon, we have heavy smoke and even some ash falling from a firejust a few hills away.
    Now, there is a fire to the North of us, East, West and South of us.
    The temp is supposed to be 38 degrees today.
    How hot is it, well I'm not golfing, that has to tell u something.
    Beg Supreme Leader to let u put
    an air conditioner in!

  28. Argh, I'm tired of hearing about the heat. It's summer! It's going to be hot. It's not like we didn't expect it. It will be gone soon. I promise.

    And I need that clock. In every room of my house.

  29. Hot? Humid? You don't know what hot and humid is, until you experience a Texas summer. Record highs, 129% humidity and no rain for almost 2 months. I can see it...you're jealous.

  30. Wow. Those drawings are amazing.

    If you think its hot up there...come stay in Savannah for a week or so, you will be BEGGING to go home. Nearly 100% humidity. EVERY. DAMN. DAY.

  31. It gets hot up there??? I thought it was like heaven or something in Canada. . .

  32. Those prints are done in ball point pen! That is amazing!!!
    What a FAB RTT you had me LMAO

  33. I'll trade you your unbearable heat for my out-of-season seasonal depression, because it might as well be fucking winter here.

  34. We may all just liquify up here.

    When it cools off, I hope we don't harden into flat discs. That would make it hard to get around.

  35. I notice you picked out a somewhat tame art pic......couple don't hold back much LOL

  36. Those sketches are amazing. Talented.

  37. Hey, Dorothy's my girl! I am from kansas you know. actually, this may sound like a crime, but i never liked the movie. snoozefest.

    that ballpoint chick is my new pinup girl. wwoww.!

  38. Are you bragging about how hot you are again? ;)

    I'd love to have one of those clocks, too! Very cool!

    Those pen drawings are phenomenal! I still can't get over they're done with ball point pen!

    Happy RTT! Hope things cool down soon...

  39. He should have thrown the weatherman into the fire. Yeah, the video was funny.
    My summer has beens spent praying for rain and cooler temps. So far, so good.
    Usually if Canada gets that hot, we don't have a hope in hell down here.
    The drawings were stunning.
    I'd love to put that clock on my wall.
    WTH is Tron?

  40. That's the kind of crazy artistic talent that really makes you hate.

    It's so hot in BC, I'm going golfing and not even going to care how many balls I lose! So there Environment Canada!

  41. Duuuuuuuuuude, those ink drawings rock. The only thing I can draw with ink is possibly that clock. The numbers only, not the background.

  42. Oh my ... I want that clock super duper badly!!!

    The inks rawked totally!

    I can't see the vid, or whatever the popout was, I'll star it to look over when I'm not on a micromanaged internet connection.


  43. Um, I may have laughed. A little.

    Okay, my nose is still burning from snorting red wine out of it.

    Tell the weather to chill out before the second week of august, k? thx.

  44. Blasted DJs.

    Love the ink drawing. I did miserably at that in art class. I was better with pencils.

    Summer here on the Gulf Coast has been strange. I will be glad when it is over!

  45. Wow, amazing drawings.

    That clock looks really cool. My husband would love something like that.

  46. Is now a bad time to tell you how cool my house is??? Do you have AC in your van? you could relocate there temporarily. MWAAAAA HA HA HA HA HA HA
    PS. Cool freakin drawings
    PPS Even cooler clock

  47. 1.) that clock is awesome and I must have one.

    2.) that comedy fetish clip cracked me up and now I am going to find myself talking like that all the time. And rubbing the head of a stuffed dog while I do it.

    Thanks a lot there, guy, you just made me that much more ridiculous. And if you keep up with the flirting over my site, that camera will totally be yours.

    Just sayin'. ;)


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