Monday, March 30, 2009

He Blogs/She Blogs: Time Share Edition

It's a special He Blogs/She Blogs today. If you follow HBSB and remember the battle royale to find a He to Petra's She, you'll remember Petra decided to give all the competitors a chance to guest post every once and a while. Today is the first once of those whiles. In the blue corner, the insightful and entertaining Christopher of Cajoh. In the pink corner over at Petra's, Jen of Steenky Bee. Jen's become a bit of a recluse, but back when we used to run guns in South America... er, never mind. Here's Cajoh.

I would like to thank Petra and the Captain for allowing me the opportunity to guest post today. Hopefully I can do the Captain proud. So, without further ado— here are my answers:

The Stiletto Mom said…
Talk about the biggest fight you had over the dumbest thing EVER. (it's always the stupid fights that get big)

One would think that there are dumb things that every couple is expected to fight over. I never see myself fighting over something like how the socks are folded, or if the toothbrush is left out. I guess my wife and I tend to fight over more personal things like money, or if I am paying attention enough when she's talking to me. I think that we may be disappointed in things each other does, but we never come to blows over it.

Marinka said…
Here is my question--in terms of movies, do you fake it? Do you pretend that you want to see Fried Green Harry Met Sally While You Were Sleeping with your girlfriend/wife/escort? Or do you announce that it's torture for you and that she really owes you? And Petra, do you expect your husband to put up with chick flicks? Or do you go see them with your friends and leave him alone?

Call me crazy better yet, don't— I have enough nicknames as it is… but I like a lot of the so called "chick flicks". I can't say much for ditching my wife to go see a flick with my buds, since both my wife and I go to all movies together— but I can relate when it comes to particular television shows. There are many shows that my wife and I watch together— then there are some shows that the other does not prefer to watch. I know if I am watching a show that my wife does not like all that well, she will ignore the movie and do other things. If there is a show on that I do not like, I usually try to stay out of respect but often times I just leave the room going upstairs and taking a bath is more like it.

Blogging Mama Andrea said…
When your visiting you or your spouses family for a week and your spouse asks you if you wanna 'get it on' cause everyone's sleeping, what would YOU say?

I think that what we are trying to see is if we would take caution to the wind if we were supposed to be on our best behavior. It probably all depends. It depends on if those people who are sleeping are light sleepers and are either in the same room as us, or are on the other side of the wall. It depends on if we know that we will not be interrupted, or feel self conscious because we are not in our own bedroom.

So— taking all of that into consideration… "Yes"! Next question…

Natasha Exile on Mom Street said…
So how do you deal when the much-adored sibling is a complete asshat?

Let me stick that babelfish in my ear… ahh, that's better.

I am guessing that this question should be phrased: "So how do you deal with the much-adored sibling who is a complete asshole?"

I must admit that none of my wife's nor my own siblings fit that description— I believe that we are all quite civil with each other and don't have to worry about the "black sheep" of the family and how to deal with them.

Now, if you haven't done so already— go over to Petra's Blog to find out what Jen from Steenky Bee has to say.

So there you go. Now go off to Petra's and check out Steenky Bee's responses. And remember to leave us some questions so we have something to talk about next week. Oh, and if you haven't entered your name yet, go enter my adult contest.


  1. I reckon that deep down we never really mind chick flicks.

    Deep down. But that doesn't mean we don't like to groan about it.

    Getting it on when staying, say, at the in-laws is always risky, I don't reckon it is worth the risk! If someone came barging in you would never be allowed to forget it. On the other hand it would provide blog material...

  2. I just had a huge fight during angry sex at my sister's house because she wanted to watch "The Notebook" and her asshat brother and I wanted to watch "Porky's".

    Oh wait...I'm not married. Never mind.

  3. Good answers Christopher! Especially to the sex at the in-laws'--"Yes!" LMAO. You seem all reserved and stuff, but then you always surprise me with something, I love it!

  4. Ahhh, but asshat is a word too:

  5. You must have big feet cuz you filled the Captn' shoes just fine.

    I too can watch a chick flick and enjoy it. Hell I went to see Just Like Heaven twice in the theater.

  6. I knew you wouldn't disappoint CaJoh! You gave the answer to my question that I figured I'd get.
    Great answers. I'm glad you were guest posting, not that I don't LOVE Captain but variety and all that.

    Dc Urban - Really? Love that movie. I love a guy who can take seeing a chick flick, especially shelling out bucks to see it twice!

  7. I'm impressed you and your wife don't fight over little things. My husband and I tend to gloss over the big stuff and then go to war over stupid things. We know they are stupid because our neighbor has told us. Because we don't have enough sense to move inside when we get into a fight. Really.

  8. Consider yourself lucky that you have no asshat siblings. I'm an only child, and I'm sure my brother or sister would be a major jerk compared to me. Just sayin.

  9. My husband never minds bringing me to chick flicks. As long as I don't mind his snoring.
    I mind his snoring.

  10. I like chick flicks. The girls are always hawt.

  11. What about asshat friends? My husband has one of those.

  12. Good work Cajoh, some great
    answers. Question, why do people
    automatically decide when a movie has something more than sex and
    violence it's a "Chicks" movie!
    I like adventure, murder mysteries,
    a whole variety of different gentres. Do you have another
    classification for those of us
    who like both?

  13. I left you a present on my blog...

  14. Cajoh - Nice post! You've done Captain proud!

  15. I thought I'd wait to see what people had to say before I chimed in.

    Sorry Jess and Sorry Natasha, but it wasn't the Asshat that I was confused by. I'm never a stickler for grammar, but if I can't understand it, I typically need to stick that fish in my ear and interpret it the way my gut (not my head) reads it. I hope I got the spirit of the question right and answered what you wanted to hear.

    I don't always call them Chick Flicks either, but I do enjoy a good romantic comedy, especially when it makes you think.

    Thank you again Captain for letting me intrude on your territory if only for a brief stay.

  16. It was fun having you over, Cajoh, you're always welcome. Just remember to take all of your stuff with you when you leave. If the kids get a hold of it...

  17. Nicely done, Cajoh!

    but what's wrong with 'black sheep'?? I happen to be the black sheep of the family.. :P

  18. Excellent answers. When I find the love of my life, he won't have to worry overmuch about declining to watch a 'chick flick' as I don't generally tend to watch them. With the exception of Nora Robert's movies made on Lifetime. I wouldn't ask him to watch those anyway.

    Well done on the HBSB guesting!!!


  19. His siblings must read the blog so he's not saying but there's always a black sheep. Maybe it's him? Not that I know the dude, I'm just trying to start shit. Sorry.


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