Saturday, December 6, 2008

Two Things

"I'm laughing 'cause I'm stupid rich!"

Two. I stole this from Waffles Waffles All Day Long, but I announced my theft and I'm giving props which makes everything ok.

See more Jack Black videos at Funny or Die

Ok, three. I was over at Irish Gumbo last night and he put up a link to a short story he's written and he wants some feedback. If you've got some time this weekend go read this then go back and tell him what you think. You'll probably never meet him so don't worry if you make him cry.


  1. first first first first first.

    and Im also first.

  2. Second... and Bwahahahahahahahahaha!

  3. That was hysterical! (Sure, I'll go over. I am PROCRASTINATING here.......)

  4. That video was hysterical, although Andy richter in those tube socks/leotard: My eyes! My eyes!

    Bro, thank you so much for the shout out. I reread the piece with your suggestion, and I think you are right. Good call!

    Christmas is such a wonderful time of the year!


    HA! Man, those are AWESOME! Who knew you could get a miniature tactical shotgun? (Sidebar: the shotgun tends to be my weapon of choice when I play Half-Life, latest edition). Forget the swords, gimme the projectile throwers!

    And any time you need some critique, just point me in the right driection. I dig that stuff.

  6. Love it!
    (and damn! A lot of people get up early for you, Cap'n!)
    (You're worth it.) :-)

  7. The video was great. I think I'll send it to my sister in CA.

  8. I stopped reading after Waffles Waffles All Day Long...I'm hungry : )

  9. Why hello there Capt. Dumbass...I'm sorry I couldn't resist...:D...what a cute name!

    I just wanted to say thanks for commenting on Cinnamon and Honey's blog about our company Margarita Bloom(Bath and Body). Ha, you really made me into a tub indeed! lol... You don't need no stinkin' tub...take a shower with our goodies...they're just as fabulous! lol...

    Love your blog! I love Jack Black!!!! Great video. It had me smiling. :)

  10. As opposed to my magazine cover: "I'm laughing because I'm stupid..."

    Love Jack Black. The School of Rock? Best. Movie. Ever. Okay not really but pretty freakin funny.

  11. Two things:

    I freaking love Neil Patrick Harris.

    And your Oprah quote made me squirt coffee out of my nose.

  12. Love the video!!! and CJ is in it!!!! CJ is from West Wing. Also, i love neil too.
    OK, I just ate breakfest(out) with 2 kids so not only and I stuffed, I am tired so I am not speaking well.

  13. Loved the Oprah quote. The video, too, but the Oprah quote? Awesomesauce.

  14. OPrah's a filthy stinking rich annoying....ahem...

    anywho...Jack Black is a frikkin genius!

  15. I'm betting Oprah stands in front of her mirror ... wait, ONE of her mirrors (one that is about 70ft high and 220 ft long) and chants that to herself daily.

  16. Yes. But is she truly happy? With studly Steadman? Come on now.

  17. Ah Oprah - everytime I see one of her covers I think two things...

    1. Photoshop is incredible.

    2. Amazing what a good hair stylist and makeup artist can do.

    Now I'll be thinking "I'm laughing 'cause I'm stupid rich!"


  18. Hypocrites hate it when you point out the fact that they pick and choose. Especially since they enjoy the fantasy that their personal interpretation of scripture is proof of its inerrancy. Oh, don't get me started. I live right on the "buckle" of the Bible Belt. That video was hysterical.


Come on, sailor. I love you long time.