Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Usual Bag Of Nothing

Thursday. Thursday, Thursday, Thursday... what the hell do I write about today? Guess I could start off with my newest shiny prize.

Courtesy of the lovely Sammanthia at The Edge of Insanity. Not only did she say nice things, she quoted me too. Sure she lied about her chest size, but she gave me bling and that's alright. Go read her post about the dentist. Wasn't Heinous telling some 'long' tales about his junk yesterday? Maybe it was a hump day thing.

I had planned on doing something relating to a post on Unmitigated about a music meme but I didn't write down my thoughts IMMEDIATELY so now I can't remember what I was going to do. Hm. That sounds a lot better than "I stole this from Middle Aged Woman."

*long pause*

I'd decided to take a picture of my current playlist on my iPod but the freakin' camera WILL NOT focus on the letters. So then I thought I'd try taking a picture of iTunes. Same thing. That blows. Sigh. So what? Now I'm supposed to type it out? And why the hell don't I have that listy thing option in my Blogger tool bar? Seriously know what? I just typed Blooger and corrected it, but now I think I'll go with Blooger instead. So let's back track here. Seriously Blooger, what's up with the tool bar. I have another blog, also on blogger, and that one has a whole bunch more options up there. What gives? Is this something I can update or am I stuck with this? And why can't I have that... cross outy line thing that Word Press users get? I want that. I could have a lot of fun with that. Bastards.

Where was I? Oh ya, back to my cop-out music post. Ha! What? Nobody's holding a gun to your head. Only because gun laws in Canada are pretty strict. So, my November play list:

1. Sex On Fire - Kings of Leon
2. Weighty Ghost - Wintersleep
3. No Children - The Mountain Goats
4. Roll With The Changes - REO Speedwagon
5. Detroit '67 - Sam Roberts (Thanks Middle Aged Woman)
6. Colors - Amos Lee (Thanks Jen M)
7. Skinny Love - Bon Iver
8. Sullivan Street (live) - Counting Crows
9. For The Nights I Can't Remember - Hedley
10. I'm Still A Guy - Brad Paisley
11. Oxford Comma - Vampire Weekend (Thanks Jaime)
12. Viva la Vida - Coldplay

And, um, ya. That's my play list right now. What? It's not like I get paid for this stuff.

Yesterday I received a threatening comment from Jen at Steenky Bee, it went a little like this:

So, now after hearing REO Speedwagon, I'm in a funk. I fully expect some sort of make-up song tomorrow in my honor. REO Speedwagon always upsets me. Or maybe it makes me hungry. I get confused. For reals, I want my own song.

My apologies to Jeremy if she dances and makes the face, but she bullied me.

MixwitMixwit make a mixtapeMixwit mixtapes

And last but not least, Happy Birthday to Jeff at Goodfather. Go wish him a happy birthday. He might not be home today, but just knock, his wife is making cake and it sounds pretty good.


  1. 1st, do I get a prize? Dakoda started his own blog, check it out, there is a link n my page.

  2. I wish I were lying in bed just like Brian Wilson did right now!

  3. Blogger sucks. Convert to Wordpress.

  4. I am just excited to get 5th!!!
    I am totally stealing the cd mix thing and using it on my blog. I will wait a few days to it does not look obvious.
    As to blogger.... I am contemplating switching but not sure who to go with.
    For the record...... I loved BNL BEFORE they were popular. Them and Tragically Hip. I have all their old stuff.

  5. Love me some BNL!! Don't tell Jen, but I'm pretending you posted this song for me too. Oh, and I have the Crush post saved as a favorite. Whenever I'm bummed, I watch it and smile!!

  6. Congrats on the award... you deserve it. Aww shucks, I went and got all cheesy on you. Nice playlist. I like how you threw Brad Paisley in there. You hick. Just kidding, I listen to country music too but promise not to tell anyone. Steenky Bee is a little nutzo yesterday. Yesterday she told me she hates Dolphins. Is she a sadist?

  7. ChurchPunkMom was here....

    thought I'd let you know.

    off to wish the goodfather a happy-slappy birthday. :)

  8. Dude, you can't constantly cave to Jenstinkybee. It just makes her power hungry, and she is way too close to world domination already.

  9. Congrats on your award! I'm going over (to) The Edge of Insanity - I'm sure I'll feel like I've already been there. Heh.

    Thanks for your bday wishes. I have the same issues with Wordpress that you do with Blooger. My date was screwed up on my bday post - it was yesterday, heh. Now I need a Kleenex, 'cause if feels like I've got a couple of huge bloogers blocking my sinuses...

  10. Don't forget your guest post is tomorrow over at my place. I am only reminding you because I know how forgetful you are ;)

  11. Great songs!
    Oh, crap. I have to get those office pictures to you, don't I? I'll just tell John to get his unmentionables off the floor and do it tonight. I meant, take the picture. Um, this comment isn't going the way I wanted it to...

  12. Wait, you have another blog? What is it? How do I not know that?

    Blooger is really ticking me off lately, just from the commenting end of it. I have a Blooger blog and a Wordpress blog, there are good and bad points with both, but generally I've been happier at Wordpress.

    Also, I come here for big bags of nothing. No one puts together a bag of nothing like you do.

    Jen's song is great, but I still love my Speedwagon. Gonna go play it now!

  13. I used to make mixed tapes for girls I like but you know what?

    They were so hard to give away. the tapes, not the girls. It was like giving away part of my soul at that time.

    I'd be like we're breaking up and she'd be like is it because of that damn mixed tape and i'd say


  14. Oh.. I stole the mixtape machine. my inner toddler told me to just do it. Wait... that was you... ok, I feel better about it now, no Mounties will come looking for me.

  15. Yay!!! New songs to try out!!!

    I'm on wordpress and I am convinced it hates me, or I'm stupid. Could go either way really.

  16. Wow! I....I...I just don't even know what to say. I couldn't see/hear this at work earlier today so I had to wait until I got home to see it. I pushed everyone aside, or maybe I left them in the car, and ran in to see your post. I did a little jig, made a really horrible face. My husband and the kids left me, but it was totally worth it. Also, I'm SO glad you put my threats to you out there right on the front of your blog so everyone can see them. Really, SO glad. Also, you're the best. I would like to thank you, on behalf of all Americans for Barenaked Ladies and Nickleback. Another also, you so deserve that award...any many, many other things that are coming to you.....

  17. great list!
    PS: I'll have to send you the Italian top ten list to be played with the sexy Italian cops...

  18. I just read your comment on Tattooed Minivan Moms Blog and I just wanted you to know that I would totally shave my head with a cheese grater rather than get audited!!!!

    And I have my very own ipod on my drama mama blog...check it out. Its coooool!

  19. You are such a fun Blooger. I'm glad I found ya.

  20. First! (I'm just practicing for tomorrow) Also, I tell my gals at work that their sex is on fire all the time. Only one of them took it as a compliment. Come on, what's wrong with people today? So, just bored and stalking you. I don't really have anything important to say. Oh, I did love your jab at our lax gun laws. My inlaws asked us if we were going to buy an assault rifle before Obama outlaws them? What? No. Jeremy then told them that we no longer had any guns. A little over a week ago, Barack and Michelle barged in and took them from us. I had a piece of bread for dinner. I know you didn't ask, but I thought you'd like to know.


Come on, sailor. I love you long time.