Monday, November 17, 2008

The Olympics, Cannibals & Lesbians

It was supposed to be a lazy Sunday with the family, emphasis on the lazy. Then I made the mistake of going over to Colepack. Carrie has this giant headed evil animated fitness nazi on her page who keeps track of how much she's run. I hate her. She mocks me. The animated Nike girl, not Carrie. No, she mocks me too. Anyway, every time I go to her site, that bitch (not Carrie) is always pointing at my muffin top and calling me jelly ass and something just as endearing. So today I flipped her off and decided to jump on my bike.

And really, that's about it for the exercise bit. I rode my bike. The end. So how about some pictures? Like the winter Olympics? This is the speed skating oval which is being built in my city. I was going to do a post about it a couple of weeks ago but then I found out it will be opening to the public in the middle of December. Might as well wait until I can show you some inside pictures.

Where was I riding? No Proposition 8 in my province, in fact, we build nature trails for all sexual orientations. I can get married to whomever I want, except that I am married and can't add a second line to my team. We're pretty liberal here, but not that liberal.

And my youngest, while cute and cuddly looking, has developed a taste for human flesh. Still, he's my son and I will always support him. One piece at a time.

Finally, to Casey and Team HASAY,

(sorry, bad sound. "Being fat and out of shape hurts less.)


  1. Ha!

    All I can say is...

    ZOMBIES!!! *giggle*

    Hey, you really do need a toque or you'll freeze your brain and then the poor boy will have to eat frozen when fresh is best.

  2. Woah, a shout out to Club HASAY, I love it. Even if it is anti-HASAY propaganda, I'll take what I can get. Also, I agree with you on the exercise front but Carrie's Nike bitch is right... I need to get rid of the muffin top instead of eating muffins.
    Raising cannibals up there in Canada? I knew you people were somehow "off".

  3. 'being fat and out of shape hurts less'... AMEN, BRUTHA!

    look at me.. all top 5 in like 3 places this morning.. wow, this getting up early thing might just catch on...

    no, maybe not.

    and what's with the zombie kids thing?? mine are at it too.. check out my latest post where my oldest develops a taste for brains.. true story.

  4. Um, he looks like he's not anywhere close to letting go. Did you take HIM on the bike ride as well? (At least that would get you access to the HOV lane...)

  5. You slay me. Add a second line? Man, if so, you know WHO would be lining up.

  6. Dude....he looks FIERCE. It never ends well for the parents when babies attack, one minute they are normal, next thing you know you are missing an ear. :)

  7. Carrie's little avatar was all cute and fun when she was just running. Then I just felt a little bad about myself. Now she's taunting us all. It needs to stop!

  8. Oh, oh, oh.

    I was gonna say something totally inappropriate about chewing on ears, but then I realized after reading MAW's comments on her blog, that your mom might read this.

    So,no go. Sorry.

  9. Oh dear. I know what you mean about Colepack mocking you with her running and exercise. It's tough to take all her positivity and cheery disposition when it comes to fitness.

    I'm so jealous of your upcoming Olympic experience. My advice to you is to hang out down in the middle of all the action as much as you can. SLC 2002 Winter Games were amazing and so unforgettable.

  10. Heheh, child zombie teeth are SHARP. Also not a fun way to find out when new teeth come in.

  11. Olympics huh? How cool is that. Oh, and my border collie nibbles my ear like that when he wants me to wake up.

  12. I'm glad I don't have a conscious, otherwise you people would make me feel bad for sitting her reading while you describe your painstaking exercise regimens.

    Sidenote, if you lived in the land of steenky, you could get married as many times as you want. She's actually marrried to four men, they're just all called Jeremy.

  13. OMG! There is a small creature attached to your ear!! HELP IS ON THE WAAAAYYYYYY!!!

  14. oooo a little mike tyson in the making? lol

  15. Um yeah, he looks quite hungry and you look like you could use some help getting up off the floor. I would extend my hand out but I have my arms a bit full right now. Wanna cookie atleast?

  16. You know what? You just mentioned three of my favorite things in the title of your blog post. I'm not going to even read your post now because it can't possibly get any better.

  17. All my girls loved to bite ...pretty hard too..

  18. Watch out. Once they get the taste of human flesh, it's...well, it's usually back to PB & J, but you never know.

  19. It's amazing that the Olympics are being held in your city. You guys will have so much fun with that.

    Love the video. Your filmmaking is really coming along. I agree with the sentiment also, but I don't believe for one second that you have a muffin top. Don't mock the MT. It's real and it's a bitch.

    Have a great Monday!

    P.S. Are we ever going to find out what happened to Sarah?

  20. Love the ear bite.
    I am determined to calibrate my Nike beoch tonight so I can give her a little data.
    Crap, I am out of town so it will have to wait until Thursday, unless…… well, we will see what I can pull off.
    I am staying at your house for the Olympics. Warn SL I will be there for a few weeks. I will even bring the kids for more enjoyment. I can cook and clean a bit (like 10 minutes) to off set my room and board. ; )

  21. You're the one who provided him with human-shaped food. I'm just sayin.

  22. Ear biting fetish in your family much?


  23. What can I say to that? 1st until
    you turned 18 you did not even
    know or care what exercise is!
    Then came the running years, then
    the braving the streets of Vancouver with your bike. Now you
    tell us u're doing video exercise,
    what's next?
    ps. is Liam chewing on your ear the reason you wear a toque all
    the time?

  24. Dude. You're mom totally scolded you on your blog. I. LOVE. IT. If she lived closer to you, she would be pulling you away from the 'puter by grabbing onto your ear. I just know it.

    Also, how many hits are you going to get from including the word "Lesbian" in your post title. Tricky, tricky.

    I must admit I also came over in the hopes that you posted yet again today so I could be first for once in my life. Don't listen to Goodfather, I'm never first.


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