Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday Pics: A Week In Food

Small turn out for Friday pics this week, probably my fault for not advertising it more. Oops.

Mine. What else would I have taken a picture of?

From Sprite's Keeper: Sprite's birthday cake. My sister and I killed ourselves making it and the kids maybe licked it a couple of times before trying to put it back on the tray. You can see the middle row where we tried and then the rest of the "bugs" where the words "throw a little purple on it and call it a day!" became apparent. You know you want a bite. Don't worry. I had a bite. Or several. HASAY forgives me.

From Steenky Bee: Let's just call this a Mormon Jell-o Shot. It's four flavors of jell-o sandwiched between creamy filler. Yes, a form of this or other jell-o salad is served at every Utah function. It's required by law. A standard favorite is lime jell-o with shredded carrots, but I didn't feel right to show that just yet. I need to ease your readers into the oddness that is Utah.

From Unmitigated: These two travel as a pair. The place we visit for our scrapbooking is called BrookLodge. It was originally owned by the Upjohns, as in Upjohn Pharmaceuticals. Now it is run by Michigan State University, and the part of their business school that focuses on the hospitality industry. Hence, the service is amazing and the food is to die for. Saturday night’s dessert was Baked Alaska. Here’s a “Before” and “After” shot

From Mama Dawg: I like how my tea bag is telling me that they can do that. I always want to ask, "You can do what, exactly?" And yes, that's my Peter Pan mug. Shut up. I'm a proud Disneyphile. I also like how I captured the steam. It was a cold night.

Next week, favourite art work around the house. Painting, sculpture, abstract stain on the floor, whatever. We won't judge. No, we'll totally judge, but you get to judge others as well. It's fun.


  1. This post make me hungry and remind me that I haven't eaten much this week. Busy, busy ... no time for food. But all the food looks so good. And Steenky's jell-o squares are beautiful and colourful, and make me contemplate eating my computer screen. Except I don't think it would actually taste like jell-o with creamy filling, so I think I'll pass.

    I'm gonna find some toast or something and go to bed. It's really late. Why am I still up anyway? Oh ... yeah ... exam ... crap ...

  2. For next week - Do spiderwebs count?

  3. International smorgasbord of the strange and tasty...sounds like the title of your best selling cookbook !!

  4. That cheese guy should be wearing cement shoes if you're gonna drown him.

    Also, I see bear cookies on a couch, but not a b-day cake. What be's up?

    And MamaDawg - I want that mug! But Cinderella!

    Next week's will be hard. I have lots of faves. Can I send more than one?

  5. I love the toasted-cheese floater.

    MamaDawg: I love the mug also. My "Consciousness in a cup" is usually served up in Washington State University mug.

    Favorite art work? Hmmmm. This will be the hardest yet.

  6. Seriously, how do I keep missing this ????

    I am totally in for next week if I can just remember to send my picture.

    Oh, and the Utah jello - totally odd and I am pretty sure she is right about it being a state law.

  7. What the culinary hell happened here? I thought I uploaded a birthday cake and you got bear cookies which were given out as favors? Thank GOD I was at least pulling out of Sprite's birthday party folder... What if I had pulled a picture from our private stash? You'd all be dead by now, or just wish you were.
    Memo to self: check pictures before sending, stupid.

  8. Dude, I see you everywhere and thought I'd come visit - and it's potluck day. Awesome.

  9. Oh, dear. I missed this one. Too bad, too, because Mistah takes a photo of every yum meal we make...


  10. Forgot to send in a picture. Probably because I didn't really eat anything of substance or that wasn't take-out all week. How pathetic!

  11. Man, I forgot to send in my food. It's probably a good thing since the HASAY'ers would not have been happy. Your poor dead grilled cheese guy.. that was sad and artistic at the same time. Loved seeing all the food but now I'm hungry!

  12. I feel like crap because I forgot to participate! OK OK OK (pumping self up) I will remember next week, I will remember next week!

  13. lol... okay. NaNoWriMo is totally kicking my ass.. this is what the second? third? week I've managed to not send my pic in on time.. yeah. i'm a failure.. oh well..

    jen, when you gonna come and make me some of that jello?? it looks purdy tasty..

  14. Mmmmm. I want tomato soup now. These all looked yummy. I wanted to lick MAW's plate. Yes I did.

  15. Tomato soup, you say? Hmmm. I wonder if I can make a grilled cheese floater in the shape of Sleeping Beauty. Wee Lass would freak out I'm sure! (Of course, I live to freak my daughter out...)

    Disneyphile? Peter Pan cup? You like Coldplay too, don't you? (grin)

  16. Sigh. I ALSO forgot to send in my picture. Sorry.

    The floater is hilarious.

    I'm in for next week. I'm sure I have some 'art' around here somewhere...

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. I have not been keeping up this week. I would have sent you food pics!

  19. Jenbo's jello looks amazing. And I love the teacup.

    I tried to take a picture of the takeout salad that I eat 1-2 times a week and the batteries were dead in my camera. I think I'll still take a salad picture and send it in for artwork week. Because it really is like a work of art.

    Oh and that Baked Alaska looked yummeh!

  20. Now I am hungry! I swear! It is not easy trying to lose baby weight around you guys!

  21. Art can be anything, anything at all. Go Jackson Pollack while you're cooking one day, it's all good. Send as many pics as you like.

    Grilled cheese man was made with Swiss and his drowned corpse was delectable.

  22. 7 layer jello! That stuff's the bomb! Like 4 layer mexican dip.

    I love layers.

    Layer it, baby!

  23. How'd the Baked Alaska start out as an empty plate and end up as a yummy looking mound of luscious?

  24. Cold..wha? No, I don't like Coldplay. Is that an inside Coldplay joke (the Peter Pan cup and Disneyphile)? I'm lost. As usual.

    Steenke Bee-the lime jello w/shredded carrots is not totally a Utah thing. It's also a Mississippi thing. And it's disgusting. But yours was pretty.

  25. Mama Dawg, you totally won over Big Red with your Disney comment.
    Steenky Bee, i'm coming to Utah
    for a jelly face. Other bloggers,
    I'm going back to check out all that good looking food.
    Cpt. Dumbass, u'd better check
    out grilled cheese man, he looks
    like he's getting soggy.

  26. Never knew about the jello-Utah connection. Very interesting...

  27. went and Drown that poor Grill Cheese Man/Woman/Person.

    You said you was a goin' to....But, but,..I thought you were just Screwin' around.

    Oh! The Humanity.

    ....The delicious, scrumtious, Humanity.

  28. Oh what the hell is that jello thing and how long did THAT take to make? I'm so not a fan of the wiggly stuff, unless I can smell the alcohol in it before I approach it.

  29. It's about time somebody spelled favoUrite right!

  30. i think that jello might be the coolest thing i've ever seen.

  31. jen sent me here to see her jello creation ... and now i feel all crappy 'cause my jello creation PALES in comparison.
    ah well...
    can i blame it on a lopsided refrigerator shelf and the fact that the only clean pan had a wonky diamondy pattern on the bottom? the floating man in soup.
    can i join in on the fun this week? i'm sure i can find some cool art around the house, somewhere.


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