Saturday, November 8, 2008

Friday Pics (on Saturday): Halloween Costumes

Small turn out this week, but understandable since it was a busy week with the election and all. So, Halloween costumes. Can you believe that was only just over a week ago? My monkey's have been in their Halloween costumes up on the banner for a month now so no point putting up another one. Here's Liam trying to be spooky with a light.

*Late entry from Mama Dawg, Light of My Life as a rebel fairy.

Sprite, from Jen at Sprite's Keeper.
What's in her hand?

Peanut from Metrodad. I didn't have time to ask Metrodad if I could use his daughters picture before I posted this so hopefully I don't get a New York ass-kicking for it. It was my favourite Halloween costume this year though. Underage Chinese gymnast. Check out his post.

Here kitty, kitty. From Jen at Blissfully Caffeinated. And let me publicly apologize for leaving Jen out last time. I accidentally deleted her photos before adding them to the blog.

From Momma Trish at Pandora's Ethernet Connection.

From Ellie from Me & You & Ellie, The Corey Girls, Halloween 1968

Henry sleeping it off from Steenky Bee.

Jenni from Oscarelli Except that it's Oscar and not Jenni.

Ok, so let's get personal now. I want to see where you blog. Show me your "office." You can clean it up if you like, but everyone will know that you did so why bother? Give us the real you. If you use your laptop in bed, then lets see the laptop, on your bed. Maybe straighten the sheets out first, move the underwear. Use your computer at work? Be clandestine.


  1. FIRST! Oh man, these are great. LOVED the shot of Henry 'sleeping it off', LOL! Sorry I didn't send any pics, I'm totally gonna shoot my office. Not in a postal way.

  2. Grr. Good Father beat me!
    Love the next idea. I could so go for this weekly thing.

  3. These are so awesome!! I so totally hate it I didn't participate in Halloween this year!!

    I'll try and get a pic re: blog space to you soon. I agree with Jen - I could so go for this weekly thing!!

  4. I just woke up and I already have a pic from Krystal!

  5. "Office"? That's a scary concept for me. I'll see what I can do.

    Love the pics of the kids! They're all so cute. Jed loves looking at all the shots, and he keeps asking me who everyone is ... including the one of him and baby Ned ... apparently, he points and asks first, and looks second.

  6. Those are so cute, Liam is SPOOKY! I think this is a great weekly idea. No promises that I'll get my ass in gear and ever get you anything on time...but I love looking at all the pictures!!

  7. Dude, no public apologies necessary.

    These are all great. Liam is super spooky. That picture of Henry is hilarious. And the underage chinese gymnast? Well that's just twisted and awesome. Clicking that link immediately.

    Your directive for next week's pictures is making me a wee bit emotional. Since Stella died, my "office area" is actually our office, and I hate it. *sniff*

  8. I'm sorry for your loss, bc. Your post on that made me want a laptop all the more.

  9. All those costumes were so great! I especially loved the one of ol Henners! So did he have a candy hangover Jen?

  10. underage chinese gymnast?? genius. loved it.

    sadly, my kids pics are STILL not on the computer.. (and ours were taken a day earlier than probably all of these.. seeing as we celebrate in des moines on the 30th.. weird i know.)

    i can totally do 'office' though.. but i blog all over my house. i'm a member of the itty-bitty-laptop-committee with my acer aspire. i'll just tell the hubs that if he manages to spend some time NOT working this weekend, i need him to catch me blogging on camera..

  11. Love the henners picture.

    I work out of my living room corner with a setup of 2 tv trays pushed together. It's like I'm in a timeout with a computer.

  12. Hi. I'm laying low again this weekend. But I can't not comment on you! Um, I'm way excited for next week's photos! I'm off to look up clandestine.

  13. Oh man, I forgot to send you pictures this week... sorry, I have the ultimate excuse, family in town and they don't know about the blog.

  14. Great pics! Thanks for organimzing this.

  15. Look at my baby! She's gorgeous!


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