Saturday, November 1, 2008

Can I Not Write For 30 Days In A Row?

NaBloPoMo MoFo NoDohFoSho.

WTF? Well Unmitigated is doing it, The Stiletto Mom's doing it, Sheredipity is doing it and Sprite's Keeper is doing it too. Jodiferous is actually doing the novel version.

30 posts in 30 days? I think I can manage that. Well, I'll give it a go anyway, November is not starting off too well but this might be a nice distraction. I'm cutting it a little close since there's less than an hour left of November 1st... wait a minute... isn't it Daylight Savings time this weekend? When does that start? Shit! Where's the publish button!?


  1. Nice WTF pumpkin! I think I'm signed up for this thing too. I registered so I guess that counts. Good luck to you, I look forward to commenting on thirty posts.

  2. That's what I was thinking, but there's always a day or two that we miss, usually on the weekend. So I got out of bed last night to put up my weasel post on NaBloPoMo. I haven't weaseled yet. I'm all about stretching myself to my fullest potential.

  3. Dude, if all your friends jumped off a bridge, would you do that, too? Huh? Wouldya?
    Let me know because I need to get my ass out of the way before you land on my head.

  4. I don't think 30 posts in 30 days will be your challenge. I don't even want to encourage you to post only once a day because what fun would that be???

  5. Seriously, I don't think you'll have any problems.

    I had no idea the time was changing last night and was really confused this morning when I was up rooting around the kitchen for Advil this morning and my microwave said 6:50 but the cable box said 5:50. For a second I really thought the devil cold had me hallucinating. Also it sounds like there's a harmonica lodged in my right ear this morning, but maybe I should be posting all of this on my own blog.

    It's great to Fall back though.

    I forgot to ask, did you eat the Carlos V? What was in it?

  6. I said "this morning" 3 times in that comment. That's horrible editing.

  7. Good Luck with the 30 posts in 30 days thing. I doubt you'll have any problem. (now that I got the supportive shit out of the way)

    I thought I'd jump on that band wagon then decided that it would break the whole "I'm too lazy time continuum" that I have going.

  8. I'm back. I saw your comment at Sprite's Keeper and I have to say, our kids do very similar things. Caroline makes Avery be the dog a lot. And makes her fetch. Or poor little Avery has to be the servant, or the Alien (only if older boy cousin is present). Kids are crazy.

  9. you are a pretty consistent poster, I think you'll do great.

    Next you, try the novel. :)

  10. What so everybody jumps off the bridge, you do too?
    Damn straight.

  11. Just had to make the observation that Blissfully Caffeinated Jen is the Ann Curry of blog commenting. Anybody watch The Soup? No?

  12. 30 posts in 30 days is a snap.

    Shoot, for 3 months solid I was doing 8-10 posts a week.

    Burnout was the end result though.

    Good luck.

    Nice blog.

  13. I will thoroughly enjoy reading your blog every day this month. Can't wait!! Maybe I'll sign up in January. When my life slows down and I have nothing to write about.

    And, I gave you an award!! Check out my blog! :)

  14. 30 n 30 is easy for you captain! Love the pumpkin.

  15. there's no way on earth anyone would be interested to hear more from, while i'm usually a total lemming and would be all over this thing, i am bowing out of this nablopothing.


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