Tuesday, October 7, 2008

She Let You Do What?

Guess what? Someone actually let me guest post on their blog! I KNOW, what the hell? Jett from All Blogged Up And Nowhere To Go asked and I said "hell ya!" Although don't ask her to confirm this because she will probably refer to me as a sissy-assed little pansy, which, funny enough, is one of Supreme Leader's pet names for me. Anyway, go check out my post here, or better yet don't and check out her stuff instead since she can actually write as opposed to the stuff that ends up here after I beat my head on the key board for a few minutes. Seriously, I think she actually thinks about what she's going to write rather than just dumping out whatever pops into her head. Plus, her site just looks awesome. Really. Go. Why are you still here? Ok, if you're going to loiter, here's a pic of my niece Michelle that I told her I wouldn't put on my site. Sucker. What's she gonna do? She's seven.


  1. You're so mean. That's it, Utah polygamist wedding OFF.

    (unless jenboglass is still on board, then I guess it's still on since I can't let her win)

  2. I was afraid to yell, "FIRST!" over at Jett's blog. She probably could kick my ass (metaphorically and physically, I'm guessing), even though I was FIRST! But I'm not a regular over there and I wanted to be polite. It was awesome dude.

    Your niece looks like she could kick some ass, as well. Or at least do some mean eye rolling.

  3. With an adorable face like that, how can you not put her on here!
    And she looks like she's totally daring you to do it. ;)

  4. I was just getting used to the one post a day routine and then BAM! Here you go getting crazy. And there's cross postination to boot! Yeah and I agree with Jen at Blissfully Caffeinated - I'm scared that Jett will kick my ass! I'll go over, but I'm hoping you brought some more feminine perspective over there. Actually, I think she's fantastic and I do read her, but I'm terrified to comment. She'll see me for the scam and pansie that I really am.

    Also - Mama Dawg: You totally had me at Utah polygamist wedding. Those are three of my very favorite things. And when they're all together? Are you kidding me?

  5. What is with everybody and guestpostng? What do you do to guestpost? Did you have to show a little skin? I've linked over to three different blogs in 2 days to follow you, HeatherPride, and Jenbo to show my support on someone else's site when I'm only there to see you! It's like being invited to a stranger's party by a friend who didn't want to go alone. I'm afraid to eat something! I'm afraid to drink! Omigod, I clicked on a link I probably shouldn't have! Anxieties!
    Okay, done with that rant.
    So, how's your Tuesday evening?

  6. Hey Sprite, wanna guest post for me?

  7. I just noticed that you have another very feminine looking award over there.

    It's pretty.

  8. I like to keep in touch with my feminine side. Although I think my next banner is going to need some blood and swords or something.

  9. jenboglass-I did that just for you, darlin'!


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