Sunday, September 28, 2008

Conversations With Liam

Daddy: What happened here? (looking at a map that's been ripped off the wall)

Liam: It was an accident. It was on purpose.

Daddy: It was on purpose?

Liam: No it was an accident. The accident was on purpose.


  1. So cute. My son got sent home once from visiting a friend. They were five and four and took the book Where the Wild Things Are, ripped out all the pictures and decorated the friend's bedroom walls with them.

  2. Ummmmm....I totally understood that. Does that make me smarter or dumber than you?

    Wait, don't answer that.

  3. Hahahahahaha. He's a genius. Is he the three year old? He just blew my mind a little bit. I won't judge him harshly until I find out what it was a map of.

  4. jen, how can you call yourself a proper stalker if you don't even know the difference between his kids?

    O'Connelly is the 23 year old and Lisa is the 12 year old.

    Get with the program, man (woman).

  5. Made perfect sense to me... then again, often times I feel like I,m 5.

  6. I'm sooooooo Stealing that. Genius.
    The Goat uses the whole "I did'nt know that."
    You "did'nt know" that the Yo-Kids yougurt pack DOES NOT belong in the chair.

  7. Clearly, he is a master debater. I see a future in politics for that guy.

  8. Quite the little semantics ninja ya got there!

  9. With all the trouble I got up to as a kid I didn't think these guys would be able to get anything past me. Now... I'm sure they'll break be before the year is out.

    Oh, and Lisa prefers the term 'transgendered' and would like to be addressed as 'Larry.'

  10. I'd put my money on Future President.

  11. Thanks bejewell, but not unless you make some Constitutional changes first. Maybe future Prime Minister?


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