Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Juggling With Burning Toilet Paper

Liam: (sitting on potty) Daddy, what is this?
Me: It's the toilet paper holder, hon.
Liam: (points at the toilet paper on the counter)?
Me: Toilet paper.
Liam: Why is it there?
Me: Because your mommy has a bachelors and an honours degree but still can't put toilet paper on the roll.
Mommy: (faintly from the next room) What?


Bernadette: Why did Connor just ask me if I was going to be grumpy when I wake up tomorrow?            
Me: (looking for an escape route or defensive weapon) Um... well... you might have been a teensy bit grouchy when you woke up and I suggested to him that it would be better for everyone if he didn't act crazy before bed and put on his jammies quietly. (nervous laughter)
Stars In My Sky: Uh huh. (turning with a look of promised reprisal)


  1. See, now, this conversation? Would have been greeted with effusive praise at my house.

  2. I am just pissed off that my 2nd child didn't inherit the sleeping in til 9am gene that my 1st daughter has. 7am and I are still not friends.


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