Monday, July 28, 2008

Thrills And Spills

*Ok, before we go anywhere: bagels with cream cheese and dulce de leche. Lions and tigers and bears, OH my!*

Bernadette had a weekend off, finally, so it was fun for the whole family. Unfortunately I really shouldn't wait until Monday to start writing about the weekend because by now it's just a hodge podge of random non-linear images. There were sprinklers,

there was the beach,

there were shipwrecks,

there was my mother-in-law's pho (Vietnamese noodle soup if you've never heard of it),

there were strange backward sliding on your ass falling between big giant rocks that even though I saw it happen I cannot quite explain it falls,

and mommy and daddy had enough time to sneak off to see Bat Man. And The Dark Knight, awesome. Then there were those magic moments like Sunday morning while we were all lying in bed watching an animated Avenger's movie and Captain America had just fallen off a nuclear missile fired by an evil alliance between Nazi's and aliens and plunged into the icy North Atlantic and Liam asked if Nemo was down there. Yes there was that moment I thought to myself, you are too young to be watching this, but then I dismissed it, he needs to learn his super heroes and the earlier the better.

All in all, a pretty good weekend.

**Oh, and if you shave your head regularly like I do, that little open spot on the back of your baseball hat... sunscreen. Trust me.

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  1. How could I not love a man who calls himself Captain Dumbass? And who has Duma Key on his bookshelf? Will warn Husband about the hole in the back of the baseball caps. Glad to have found you.


Come on, sailor. I love you long time.