Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Boys, For Auntie Lulu

I had a complaint recently from my sister-in-law Lucia, that there hasn't been enough child related posts lately. My a-POO-logies. It's true though, I haven't. It's been mostly pictures and things I find on the net. What can I say, I'm lazy. It's not like they don't supply a lot of material. Every single day.

Connor: In the last week or so he's begun saying, "What the...?" I guess I know where he got that from. At least he doesn't finish it, which means I don't either. So that's a good thing, right? His whole world revolves around WWII airplanes right now, particularly German ones. I tried to explain to him that these were the bad guys, but in the video games we rent you can choose to fly any plane you want. Guess he just digs the colour scheme. Anyway, he reasoned his way past the whole bad guy thing by deciding we stole the bad guy's plane so it's ok. He knows a startling number of plane names, probably because he spends his days at Grandma and Grampa's watching movies on YouTube. I was going to add he can also pronounce 'Messhersmidt' perfectly, but so can Liam and he's 3. Two and a half months and Connor will be starting kindergarten. KINDERGARTEN! WTF? His whole head fit in my hand, like... yesterday.

Liam: Is Liam. He's still his usual cheery bundle of joy and happiness, but it's taken on an edge. When he gets angry now he gets really angry. He's into throwing out threats now too when he's upset like, "you're going to jail(your room)," or "I don't love you as much." On the whole though, Liam is 3 going on 3. He's happy where he is and enjoying every minute of it. He's still not potty trained, but so what. He'll be ready when he's ready, although he now has a deadline which we're trying to make him understand. No peeing in the potty by September, no pre-school. But that's still two months away, and when you've only been alive for 38 months, that's a long time.

Connor MUST sleep with a pair of socks on. It doesn't matter if it's 40 degrees out (104 F), he will freak out if we don't put socks on him before he goes to bed. Liam, as long as he has his two baby penguins and his froggy, is not so OCD. We've had to start some minor brainwashing though. He went through a phase where he would not go to sleep. He'd talk to Connor, not lay down and force his eyes open just to stay up a little longer. Not so pleasant the next day. So we started telling him that if he wasn't quiet the Sleep Fairy would hear him. She would come into his room and make him go to sleep. Think Tinkerbell with her magic wand. I'll think Julia Roberts in that little green skirt from Hook, but you think Disney. Where was I? Oh ya, so it totally worked. Then we added closing his eyes because she would come in to check on him and if his eyes were open she'd know he was still awake. Judge if you will, but if you do, you don't have children and should probably keep your dumb ass opinions to yourself.


  1. Finally!...some children stories.

  2. Ha ha! Liam sounds like 16-year-old-Boy. Finally potty-trained at 3.5 so he could attend preschool, and one day when he was really mad at me, he screamed, "Ya big butt!" Obviously the worst thing he could think of at three, all in his little piping voice.


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