Monday, June 30, 2008

Pre Holiday Monday

I've been far too warm and fuzzy lately. Need to balance things out with a little bitterness.

via stumblepeach via found magazine

Ahh, much better. Actually, it's looking like another good day, again. Tomorrow is a holiday (if you live in Canada) so traffic was very light this morning. It's beautiful out right now (7:32am). It's going to be hot this afternoon but this morning is just perfect. My iPod was playing an amazing mix on my walk to work. Granted, it's all my music anyway, but you know what I mean. My boss has the day off, I have beer in my fridge AND I'm wearing new underwear (which I took a picture of myself in and texted to Bernadette because ya, that's the kinda stuff I do). Anybody rains on my parade today and I'll decapitate them with my teeth. Have a good one!

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