Tuesday, May 27, 2008

iPod, Pathogens & Fish Tanks

My iPod is back to normal so all is right with the world again. Aside from the the imminent job loss and all. Anyway, it was a lot easier to reinstall the software than I remember the last time, though the last time was the first time I'd done it and was worried about losing all my shit. Aside from hitting "ok" a few times I didn't have to do anything. I'd forgotten it backs up everything in my iTunes, including everything in my note pad.

And that has nothing to do with anything aside from being pretty cool.

Stayed up til midnight watching the Andromeda Strain remake on A & E which was great. The original was good and all but this was a little more fast paced and exciting. And "Utah" reminded me of home as it was actually the interior of BC. I didn't watch the credits afterward but I'm assuming Piedmont was actually Merritt, BC.

A quick question for Hollywood. If Lost can let Daniel Dae Kim, a Korean, actually play a Korean, why not rewrite his Chinese character as a North Korean? They kept trying to blame the out break on the North Koreans anyway. Just wondering.

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