Saturday, April 12, 2008

Good Morning

Good morning!

I think this bodes well for the day. At least I hope so. The littlest monkey woke up as the littlest angry rabid orangutan zombie death machine with a snotty nose who was sent to his room twice BEFORE 8 O'CLOCK. This also resulted in mommy missing her breakfast and having to head off to work angry and hungry.

But that was then. Last night I brought home a picture frame from Pottery Barn for a print I bought recently and it came in bubble wrap! Then I realized that my children have never experienced the joy of bubble wrap! The boys did not take long to pick up the .... wait a second.... why is it so quiet? Hold on...

Ok. Nothing to worry about. Liam followed me upstairs to get some snot medicine, hit a patch of bright sunlight on the floor and collapsed in a little heap. That explains SOOOO much. Anyway, did not take the kids long to discover the joys of popping little plastic balls of air. Nor all the different ways and means to pop them.

And what was the print you ask? I'm glad you did.

Well, I was glad until I tried to upload it. Shit, that was half an hour ago. I got a load of laundry going and switched browsers twice. Sheesh. Anyway, there it is. Got it from Green Chair Press after seeing it on Dooce. Please ignore the messy table, horrible wall paper and reflection of the hideous 70's era opaque orange bubble glass. My house will be pretty. One step at a time.

And speaking of my house being "pretty," on the walk back to the car from the store yesterday I got a "glance" from another guy walking the opposite direction. I mentioned it to a friend I was texting at the time.

Me: Gay guy just gave me the look. Maybe it was the giant Pottery Barn bag?
Friend: I think that will do it... you're a prettyman and you strut...haha
Me: I get a lot of attention from that team. I take it as a complement.
Friend: And you should! What about with women?
Me: Stop! My blush and my white lulu hoodie. 2 much contrast. Can't imagine why I'd get a look.
Friend: LOL, oh my... if you weren't married!
Me: ...
Friend: I'd think you were gay.
Me: Ouch!

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  1. If you appear gay, I guarantee you the chicks dig you. We love gay mean.


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